‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ — Olivia Caridi Faces Off With Jennifer Saviano, Breaks Down Over Respect

During The Bachelor’s latest Women Tell All, a special reuniting of all the women Ben Higgins let go during the show’s 20th season, Olivia Caridi learns that she wasn’t the most lovable housemate.

Us Weekly reveals that during a teaser about the upcoming special episode, Olivia’s housemate Jennifer didn’t hold back when talking about how she felt towards the Texas-based news anchor.

“Honestly, with Olivia, I really liked her in the beginning,” said Jennifer, who was given the ace in the February 1 episode. “First night, I thought we were going to be best friends, and — is she smirking?”

Despite gaining Ben Higgins’ First Impression rose during the premiere, Olivia was sent home after going on a two-on-one date in the February 8 episode. She was sent home partly because of the friction between her and the other housemates.

Jennifer, a Fort Lauderdale–based small-business owner, continued explaining that a tipping point in her relationship with Olivia was when Olivia pulled Higgins away during the group date.

“For me, that was her saying, ‘You know, Jen? Screw you — I don’t care about you. It’s all about me. And you can’t expect me to have respect for someone after that. No one else here would have done that.”

Ben Higgins of The Bachelor

While Jennifer’s words brought Olivia to tears, she wasn’t the only one who has negative feelings towards Olivia. According to Carter Matt, housemate Amanda Stanton is ready to face off against Olivia for some of her comments made during the show, one of which compared Amanda’s life to an episode of Teen Mom.

In the synopsis for Monday night’s show, it’s clear these issues will immediately be brought up.

“Amanda and Olivia immediately face off about Olivia’s disrespectful comments about Amanda being a single mom… [Later on in the night] Olivia, the most provocative woman this season, tries to clarify why she was so convinced that Ben was her man. Why did the other bachelorettes react so strongly toward her?”

However, despite Olivia being viewed as this season’s villain, the news anchor opened up in a recent interview with Glamour. Olivia was asked if she could’ve done things differently with Ben, would the results have been different?

“I don’t think we were meant for each other, no mater how many times I professed my love,” Olivia admitted. “I [do] think the relationship wouldn’t have been as tumultuous. The turning point was when some of the girls went to him and said something. Obviously, if I had done everything perfectly, maybe that wouldn’t have happened. I believe that it ended the way it was going to anyway.”

Another controversial episode of The Bachelor involving Olivia was when Higgins had the cocktail party and learned some close family friends had passed away. During the episode, it appeared Olivia didn’t offer Higgins her sympathy and instead only talked about her legs. Olivia defended herself to Glamour, stating that she did address the loss of his family friend but the episode edited out her saying she is there for Ben, and “I’m your shoulder to cry on.”

During the taping of the Women Tell All episode, Olivia also told Us Weekly that it was embarrassing to watch some of her scenes from this season.

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With Olivia breaking down in tears and trying to defend herself, the show will also have Caila Quinn, the most recent cast-off and the next Bachelorette, telling her side to her break-up with Ben. While Amanda confronts Olivia about respect, she will also be joined with Jubilee as they discuss their own heart-wrenching breakups with Higgins. And of course, the final two women will also be joining the show. In rule-breaking fashion, Higgins confessed his love to both Jojo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell this season. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say!

To hear all the housemates back together again for one last time, tune in on ABC Monday, March 7 at 8 p.m. EST.

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