Kate Hudson Confuses Celeb Bloggers, Ex-Boyfriends in One Fell Swoop

Kate Hudson gave a refreshing (albeit confusing) interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, first stating the unsurprising news that her and ex-husband Chris Robinson are “still friends,” and getting down to the dirt in short time. Yes, she proceeded to say that they’re such good friends that they “basically” live together and that the breakup helped them as a couple.

Erg. First of all, what will her future suitors think of that? They’ll have to be pretty secure with themselves, and I can imagine that there will be a few guys who end up freaking out about it and moving on.

Despite speculation that son Ryder will end up confused because Chris is in his life (?), at least his dad has stuck around– isn’t that what matters?

Image: Cosmopolitan