New ‘Ghostbusters’ Met With Harsh Critiques

The new Ghostbusters has received some really harsh critiques and negative comments since they released their trailer. Can the girls not measure up to the original cast, or is it simply because they are female? Or, could it just be loyalty to the original cast that has old Ghostbusters fans so skeptical. Of course, not everyone is coming down on the all female cast. Some find the idea delightful.

The new Ghostbusters should have never been made at all, according to many critics, while others cannot adjust to a different cast, especially since the new ones are women. Still others think the character, played by Leslie Jones, will be nothing but an inappropriate racial stereotype, as reported in a Comic Book Resources article. The new cast has their work cut out for them in winning over all the hardcore, old-Ghostbusters-only fans.

The new Ghostbusters cast — Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones — are all professional comedians, and the latter two are Saturday Night Live regulars. At least that part sounds very similar to the first Ghostbusters movie, so where is the rub? Who would have thought this movie would be so controversial?

New Ghostbusters phobia, according to Comic Book Resources, has three sources of fan resistance.

The first new Ghostbusters objection source is nostalgia. People are clinging to the feelings they got when as children, or young adults they experienced the original Ghostbusters. It was a better and more carefree time, perhaps partially because the fans were younger — plus, well, we all know the distant past was just a lot better. It always has been. Just let 30 or 40 years go by, and everyone will agree it was so much better back then. Nostalgia is like homesickness, only for a time, not a place, and as we all know when home is a time, you really can’t ever go home again.

New Ghostbusters enrages original movie buffs, but they should take heart in the fact the car is back.
The new Ghostbusters’ second source of attack simply comes from the tendency of people to want to argue their side. Picking teams to complain has become a national pastime. Everyone complains loudly and exaggerates their objections in order to be heard and to sound cool.

According to Comic Book Resources, the biggest source of disappointment is the grief they feel over the loss of a real Ghostbusters 3 with the original cast. Instead, they get a movie more suited to the next generation of fans. Fans are grieving the sequel they had dreamed of seeing all these years, but the chances of a real sequel are completely gone now with the advent of the new cast.

Leslie Jones role is said to be a racial type, but she also has all the best comedic lines. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
There are more new Ghostbusters complaints that are not so easily dismissed by nostalgia, competitive complaining, and loss. The Guardian explains why the new generation camp of politically correct, diversity campaigners are grabbing their soap boxes on this movie. The casting department tried to be PC in their choices, by switching the cast’s genders. This time, we have four female paranormal investigators and a big strong male secretary. So, what is the problem? It seems the one black female character isn’t as brainy and well educated as the white girls. It is said to be offensive because of a racial stereotype. On the other hand, that role has a lot more comedic potential and is the coveted role among the four.

The new Ghostbusters humor is predicted to be more plentiful and more obvious than the original. Lets face it, Aykroyd and Murray could be really subtle at times, and the plot carried circumstantial humor rather than a nonstop contest of one liners between the old cast. The new cast are more improvisational and have an affinity for stand up comedy. Fans are anticipating more jokes and zingers than the older movie. Both movies bring a high level of old-fashioned silliness, though, letting fans who are willing, just relax, watch the movie and laugh till they can’t breathe.

The new Ghostbusters critics should perhaps just relax and enjoy the movie for what it is rather than compare it to the old one so much.

[Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]