Marcia Clark: 'Dateline' NBC Talks Losing The O.J. Simpson Case, Christopher Darden, And A Special Appearance By Kris Jenner

Marcia Clark will be the prime focus of the latest Dateline NBC episode. In the episode, entitled "The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard," Dateline will be catching up with Marcia Clark, the former prosecutor who tried O.J. Simpson in the infamous "trial of the century" case. Tonight, Marcia Clark will let viewers know what she thinks about O.J. Simpson after all of these years, and whether she acknowledges that Christopher Darden was the one who sort of let the case slip through their fingers after Simpson tried on the glove that didn't fit.


Since the June 12, 1994, double murders of Brentwood, California, resident Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman --- the media, as well as the public, have been fascinated with the case. One could probably say that the O.J. Simpson case changed TV forever, giving an inside glimpse of the future of reality TV.

The televised trial was watched all over the world, as people weighed in and chose sides about Simpson's guilt or innocence. But not just that, there were a lot of other elements at play. Before Nicole and Ron were found dead that warm summer night, Orenthal James Simpson was on top of the word, enjoying a lavish lifestyle that included high-profile friends, red-eye flights, expensive champagnes, and sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world.


All of that came crashing down when his ex-wife, Nicole, was found brutally knifed to death, along with Ron. It marked the first time that OJ was seen as any black man in America, judging by the way many of his friends jumped ship after the murders.

American blacks rallied behind him in support, even though he had been criticized for turning his back on regular black folk. Needless to say, the case split America straight down the middle as most blacks --- at the time --- believed in his innocence and most whites his guilt. When the verdict was read, everyone who was alive at the time can remember exactly where they were.

And no matter where you were, you could hear a pin drop at the reading of the decision. When the mostly African-American jury came back with a not guilty verdict, it ripped off some layers of racial tension that had been hidden for so long. Some people were mad in the weeks, months, and years after that verdict --- some of that anger has lasted and spilled over into the Barack Obama era. An old 1995 Philadelphia Inquirer article sums it up this way.

"In a Gallup poll conducted in the days immediately leading up to the start of the trial in January, 61 percent of blacks surveyed said the charges against Simpson were not true. By comparison, 76 percent of whites said the charges were true.

"After months of testimony, whites and blacks apparently remain convinced that their initial impulses were on target. A poll released Thursday by ABC News found that 77 percent of whites think Simpson is guilty, while 72 percent of blacks think he's innocent.

"And nothing -- not DNA evidence or frame-up theories, glove shrinkage or barking Akitas, domestic abuse or the lies of a racist cop -- has altered the wide disparity between how whites and blacks view Simpson's chances for a fair trial."


It is truly interesting how O.J. Simpson, Marcia Clark, and all the key players still fascinate us. In tonight's Dateline, Marcia Clark will reveal that she doesn't believe there was any way to reach the jury, especially after the glove fail. Even today, many attorneys wonder what in the world Chris Darden was thinking when he asked OJ to try on that glove. Whatever the reason, it is almost solely credited as one of the main factors that caused the state of California to lose. According to Marcia Clark, having O.J. try on the glove wasn't her call, and stated that Chris Darden apologized to her after they lost the case.


In Dateline NBC's next episode, expect to see rare footage, never-before-seen interviews, and some commentary from Kris Jenner about things Nicole Brown Simpson told her friends. Months back, the Inquisitr reported on ABC 20/20's coverage of the OJ Simpson case, which included a look at where they are now.

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