Ally Walker Joins ‘Colony’: Will She Be The Hero Or The Villain This Time Around?

Ally Walker became a household name playing the sympathetic protagonist of the cult classic TV show The Profiler, a show that was the predecessor of and an obvious influence on shows such as CSI, both in content and style. In The Profiler, Walker played Samantha Waters, a criminal profiler stalked by a serial killer who had murdered her husband. She lived in fear of “Jack,” and had to become a recluse for the safety of herself, her daughter, and her friend who helped care for her daughter.

Then she played the infamous FBI agent June Stahl on Sons of Anarchy, who was corrupt and so bad to the bone she made outlaw bikers look saintly. Even after playing such a rotten character, it was apparent in a media conference call that Walker is as popular today as in the heyday of The Profiler, as nearly every caller had a fangirl/fanboy moment, which is not typical during these kinds of press calls.

ally walker and SOA Actor Charlie Hunnam, John Landgraf, CEO, FX Network, his wife, actress Ally Walker, and actor Kim Coates at the after party for the Season 7 premiere screening ‘Sons of Anarchy’. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]In addition to a recent guest role on Longmire, Walker is also back in the USA Network series Colony, and fans have only gotten a few glimpses of her so far, but it’s apparent from what we’ve seen that she plays someone very important. Colony fans also know that Walker’s character, Helena, is a very businesslike woman, and oversees the whole West Coast district. We’ve also seen she has a penchant for doing yoga, indifferent to a live execution on TV. But on which side of the morality scale will Helena fall in this new series?

“Helena is different, you know. I’m not really sure where to go with Helena. I think what’s interesting about each of these characters in this, and I’ve said it before… the writers talk to me about how people dealt with Nazi Germany. And how they had to survive. And what they had to do. And who they had to befriend in order to just stay alive. And I think that’s a similar situation here… I think that Helena is more corporate. I would like to see her human side come into play a little bit more. I mean that’s like, the peeling back the layers of an onion and seeing exactly what happens.”

Peter Jacobson as Proxy Alan Snyder and Ally Walker as Helena in Colony. [Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network] Peter Jacobson as Proxy Alan Snyder and Ally Walker as Helena in Colony. [Photo by Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network]With the resistance causing problems in the Los Angeles area that Helena oversees, it appears future episodes will dig more into her motivation and her character as she may be called upon to make some hard decisions. However, Walker noted that if Helena becomes too sympathetic and too human, and, God forbid, even remotely sympathetic to the resistance, it might not bode well for her longevity.

“I think you know that when the characters on [Colony] do that they get killed. So it’s a little scary. But I think it’ll be interesting to see people’s course. And I don’t know that you’ll see hers for a very long time.”

Walker confesses that even though she’s the actress playing Helena, she’s pretty much in the dark about where things will go as much is fans, and doesn’t have any spoilers to give out to fans even if she were so inclined. She’s not even sure how much she’ll appear in Season 2, as Colony has been renewed, but if anyone at the network or the producers were paying attention to all the love for Walker, they’d be wise to keep her on board as long as possible and expand the role. But that is all still up in the air, at least as far as Walker is concerned.

“You know what, I have no idea. I don’t arrange these things. I don’t write. So I mean I’m hoping so. I really love the show. I hope we bring her back in a more, kind of quantity way. But I’m just waiting to see. It’s a great job. I’m just really enjoying playing the part right now… I think [Helena] is used to doing this in the corporate world. And she’s going to continue covering herself and kind of, you know, covering her bum, for lack of a better phrase. So that she doesn’t die.”

[Image via Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network]