NFL Free Agency Rumors 2016: Robert Griffin III Likely Headed To Los Angeles Rams

The NFL free agency 2016 rumors surrounding Robert Griffin III are heating up as the league grows closer to the open season and as many as a dozen teams could be lined up for the soon-to-be-former Washington Redskins quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, and a handful of others are reportedly interested, but league sources say the Los Angeles Rams could emerge as the frontrunner for the former NFL Rookie of the Year.

After a fantastic rookie campaign, Griffin struggled through injury and steadily declining play. Kirk Cousins has since taken over as the Redskins’ starter, and Griffin will be released into free agency, where he is expected to garner the most attention.

As Bleacher Report noted, the field of interest for RGIII could be huge, with NFL free agency rumors steadily building.

“Despite all that we know about Robert Griffin III, according to interviews with a half-dozen front-office talent evaluators, he remains the most intriguing figure in the free-agent sweepstakes that begin this month. There are at least 10 teams giving Griffin a hard look, these sources say.

“Maybe 15. Maybe more.”

Some see this as a reflection of both the importance of quarterback play in the NFL and the dearth of quality starters to fill those roles. There’s no other time in recent memory when the quarterback has been more important, and teams with good quality starters have been perennial playoff contenders while teams struggling to find a good quarterback have been mired in mediocrity.

For teams looking at starting quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III seems the far-and-away best option. There is also Chase Daniel and Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Brock Osweiler would hit the market if the Broncos fail to come to terms on a contract extension (though it seems likely that they will).

Reports have indicated that the Los Angeles Rams could be a frontrunner for Robert Griffin III. They are in desperate need of a quarterback, and RGIII’s rebirth could coincide with the team’s move to the nation’s second-largest market.

There have been other NFL free agency rumors surrounding Robert Griffin III. The Dallas Cowboys have reportedly been interested in him for some time, and may be looking to do something different with the No. 4 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Owner Jerry Jones has been enamored with Johnny Manziel, but it’s likely that the team will pass on taking him just as they did in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Some other teams could be a good fit, CBS Sports reported.

“The 49ers could work because Chip Kelly. Hue Jackson ain’t scared and the Browns need a quarterback. The Broncos are a team already rumored to be interested in Griffin. The Jets could work because Chan Gailey’s offense does wonders for quarterbacks, even when they’re not bearded.

“The Seahawks, Packers and Patriots kick tires on interesting quarterbacks all the time (but would need the market to be slow to really be interested one would guess).”

Until NFL free agency actually starts later this month, the rumors surrounding Robert Griffin III will likely continue to grow. His price tag is yet-to-be determined, but wherever it may fall it would likely be below the $20 million benchmark set for established starters. So, with RGIII coming in at such a bargain, it makes sense that so many teams are willing to kick the tires and see if he’s still got some of the rookie season magic left in him.

[Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]