‘DWTS’ News: Host Tom Bergeron Loses Mother Four Months After Father Dies

Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron has shared some sad news on his Twitter page. Just four months after mourning the loss of his dad, Raymond “Ray” Bergeron, Tom’s mother, Kay, has died of unknown causes. Tom posted the following two tweets on Friday and Saturday respectively, announcing that his mom was going to pass and later announcing that she had.

Bergeron’s father passed away in the fall at age 81, but his cause of death (perhaps old age) isn’t clear. Tom took a week off of work to spend time with his family and to mourn the great loss.

When he returned to television, Bergeron decided to honor his dad is a very special way. According to Us Weekly, Bergeron dedicated an episode of Dancing With The Stars to his dad, who “never missed” a show.

“My dad loved this show. Never missed an episode, and I’d like to think somewhere that he didn’t miss this one,” Tom said the night that he returned to the show.

Tom Bergeron believes that his parents died around the same time so that they could be together. It’s something that happens more often than you might think. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, a couple married for 72 years died just hours apart.

“On Christmas Day Louise, 90, opened her eyes as Robert, 92, sat beside her in their hospital bed. Early the next morning she took her last breath. Six hours later Robert died, too.”

Many believe that this is a sign that two people had been very much in love — so much so that they couldn’t bear to live without one another. For Bergeron, it seems as though this was true for his parents, as well, and he is likely able to find some comfort in knowing that his parents are together.

Tom Bergeron, 60, has his own sweet love story to tell, perhaps following in the footsteps of his parents. He has been married to his wife, Lois Harmon, since 1982 (they will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary this year). Tom and Lois have two daughters together, Samantha and Jessica.

The new season of Dancing With The Stars kicks off on March 21. It is unlikely that Tom Bergeron will miss any shows due to his mother’s passing as he isn’t live on air for a couple of more weeks. Tom will be joined by co-host Erin Andrews as a new group of stars take to the ballroom. To see who will be dancing this season, check out this article by the Inquisitr. More names are slated to be announced this week.

[Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images]