Harry Styles Messes With Taylor Swift At Wedding Venue Visit?

Harry Styles has been doing a lot of interesting things lately, and there is a chance that he could either be opening a wedding chapel in England or is just visiting one in order to mess with Taylor Swift’s mind.

According to Music News, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their one-year-anniversary around March 4, and it may have just been a coincidence that Harry Styles “visited” a wedding chapel in England around the same time.

The Mirror reports that Harry Styles “just dropped in to say hi to friends” near his hometown. While at the Rose-n-Crown bar near Knutsford, Harry Styles took a couple of selfies with fans that were subsequently posted on Twitter by someone that owned a nearby wedding venue.

Without Lou Teasdale, Harry Styles will now be in charge of his own style. (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Evidently, some fans still hope Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner will get together, and this wedding venue getting involved in a selfie only added fuel to the fire. Despite this, there are new rumors by IB Times that Kendall Jenner has moved on from Harry Styles with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Then again, Harry Styles might be trying to avoid Kendall Jenner from now on because she took a swipe at a photographer in Paris. The Metro reports on March 4 that Kendall Jenner was in Paris with Gigi Hadid when “Both Gigi and Kendall apparently shouted angrily at the photographer and had to be pulled away by Kendall’s manager and bodyguard.”

Regardless, was all of this unplanned with the wedding chapel name drop — or did Harry Styles secretly know that everyone would talk about him in association with a wedding chapel in the gossip columns and that Taylor Swift would see it?

Obviously, Harry Styles is not going to get married, but it does not mean that he is not flirting with the wedding industry during his One Direction hiatus.

In addition, Harry Styles could be changing his look in order to start performing weddings. Along with restyling his hair and growing a five o’clock shadow, according to Perez Hilton, Harry Styles also recently looked at merchandise at a piano store in London, according to UnReality TV.

If he uses the movie The Wedding Singer as a template, it appears that Harry Styles is figuring out the right elements to start a wedding service business, and there are likely thousands of fans that would love to get married by Harry Styles: Minister of Love.

Sadly, what can be established from the wedding chapel visit is that Harry Styles appears to have no romantic interests in his life at the moment — despite accusations otherwise by EnStarz and others.

In the end, are all of these signs that Harry Styles is losing his direction without One Direction? Or is this a sign that Harry Styles is lost without his stylist, Lou Teasdale?

Melty Fan Italia points out that Harry Styles no longer has Lou Teasdale to control his haircuts or give him style advice — and time will tell if this ends up being a disaster.

Naturally, it is important for Harry Styles to have every line of defense he can get to shield himself from haters. For example, the New Yorker recently wrote Harry Styles into one of their first date ideas for conceptual artists with the following.

“Try to force your date to leave by talking only about One Direction. If your date won’t leave, narrow the focus to Harry Styles. If your date still won’t leave, narrow the focus to the suit Harry Styles wore to the A.M.A.’s. Show your a date a picture [of Harry Styles’ suit] on your phone.”

Along those lines, it was recently revisited by OU Daily that Matt Healy of The 1975 once said “I resent being ‘educated’ on religion by a Harry Styles fan account.”

Conceptual artists get dating help from Harry Styles' outfit.
Having a photo of Harry Styles wearing this outfit can help you with your dates with conceptual artists. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

[Photo by Mike Windle/Stringer/Getty Images]