Iron Man On Film And In Real Life

Iron Man has captured the world’s imagination so much that it sticks in the minds of some of the most brilliant individuals, such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution is to build a Jarvis-type artificial intelligence (AI) device for his home, according to a previous Inquisitr story. Jarvis is what Iron Man calls his talking machine that knows everything and can do anything.

The Iron Man movie assignment got Robert Downey Jr.’s career on track after he got involved in so many ugly setbacks. If there is one man who is happy that Downey got his life back together, it will be Mel Gibson. Gibson considers Iron Man one of the most brilliant actors in Hollywood. Downey does such an excellent job at portraying the super hero that the whole world now considers the two as one.

Matt Damon’s character in The Martian was so thrilled at the idea of doing deep space acrobatics in order to return to Earth, because he gets to do the Iron Man stuff. Some say that the idea for the superhero was inspired by genius, entrepreneur, and inventor Elon Musk. Musk owns Tesla Motors, which builds innovative, battery or electric-powered cars. Someday, he will turn us all into space cowboys with his plans to colonize Mars through another company, Spacex.

The so-called real life Iron Man may just get us there, although a one-way trip to Mars will take at least one year, based on existing technology. Like the celluloid character of the Iron hero, Musk has some setbacks, but then, who doesn’t. His dream to be the first man to help mankind experience space travel caused the death of one of his pilots recently during a launch test.

This is so sad, and must break Iron Man’s heart, even though it is actually radioactive and utterly unbreakable. And now there is Team Iron Man, coming up in theaters soon. Of course, Downey is still in it, and will forever be, movie studio and movie goers willing. So far, no one has complained yet.

In less than two months, audiences around the world will get to see Iron Man again in Captain America: Civil War, the basic plot of which is getting rid of Captain America because he was too much, writes Charlie Jane Anders in i09 Gizmodo. Of course, the real star of the show in this flick is the Captain, but that doesn’t mean that Tony Stark’s appearances will be limited. And while the whole world is waiting for their Iron Man, there is Superman v Batman to fill the gap.

The thirst for super heroes is hard to quench, nor will it ever be quenched. During the Roman period, gladiators’ lives were often sacrificed for the people’s entertainment. Now it’s the movies, and thank God that no more real blood is being spilled on the sands. We have only motion pictures about Spartacus and other famous gladiators to remind us of mankind’s shameful past.

But maybe, just maybe, Iron Man Elon Musk will redeem mankind from its collective guilt. Last March 4, Spacex made another successful launch to test the theory that a rocket could be made to take off for outer space and come back for subsequent reuse. While Musk admits that the technology is still at its infancy stage, two successful landings covered by The Weather Network are inspiring a lot of people who look up to him. The previous successful launch took place just three days before Christmas 2015.

The Big Bang Theory. I love trains.

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The real-life Iron Man has already developed a spaceship to go to outer space, now he is getting close to perfecting the process for making rockets come back home. Definitely, these two key developments will be useful for the future Mars colony. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away, there was a genuine void felt around the world. Visionaries are needed to make the Earth or maybe even Mars, a better place, so thank God for Iron Men.

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