Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Live Stream From Flint, Michigan — Can Sanders Build On Saturday Wins?

Bernie Sanders faces off against Hillary Clinton in the crisis-stricken community of Flint, Michigan, on Sunday in the seventh Democratic debate of a scheduled 10 — the day after Sanders scored a pair of significant caucus victories in the "Super Saturday" primaries, winning by double-digit margins in both Kansas and Nebraska.

But Sanders still trails Clinton by a considerable margin in the count of delegates allocated to each candidate, and will need to start winning big states by wide margins in order to remain competitive in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton also won big on Saturday, taking the primary election in Louisiana in a rout, taking 71.1 percent of the vote in that state, to just 23.2 percent for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Live Stream
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Michigan (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

After Saturday's results, Clinton is estimated to control 632 pledged delegates, putting her more than 26 percent of the way to the 2,383 required to win the nomination. Sanders lags behind with 441, only 18.5 percent of what he would need to become the party's presidential nominee. That estimate does not include the so-called "superdelegates," Democratic bigwigs and elected officials who serve as convention delegates but are free to vote for whoever they want.

Clinton holds a huge lead on the superdelegate front.

In other words, Sanders needs every advantage he can get to make his campaign of "political revolution" anything more than a symbolic gesture — including some kind of big win at the Flint, Michigan, debate. And every other upcoming debate as well.

There's only one way to find out if that happens. Watch a live stream of the Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton Democratic debate from Flint, Michigan, in the video below. Or continue reading for further streaming links.

The Flint debate comes just two days before another crucial Tuesday in the Democratic race, with primaries in two states — one of them being Michigan, whose 148 delegates make it the eighth-most important state in the entire race.

The other Democratic primary on Tuesday will be held in Mississippi, with 41 delegates, and Hillary Clinton holds commanding leads in both states.

According to a study by Washington Post political writer Philip Bump, those two states — and most any other states in the Democratic primaries — have become easily predictable without even consulting poll data. The single piece of information necessary to make a Sanders vs. Clinton prediction is the percentage of the state's population that is African-American.

The Democratic campaign, Bump found, has become sharply divided along racial lines. In states with an African-American population under 2.5 percent, Bernie Sanders is the predictable winner, but in states where the black population is 10 percent or more, Clinton can take a victory to the bank.

So where do Michigan and Mississippi fall on that spectrum? Michigan's population is 14.2 percent black, and Mississippi's population is 37.5 percent black. According to Bump's findings, Clinton will win both states with ease.

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Live Stream
Hillary Clinton speaks in Flint, Michigan. (Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images)

Indeed, polling bears out that finding. In the polling averages compiled by, Clinton leads Sanders in Mississsippi by a staggering 50.6 percentage points, 64.2 to 13.6. Michigan is somewhat closer, but still shapes up as a solid Clinton victory. She leads there by 24.1 points, 59.3 to 35.2.

What can Bernie Sanders do to reverse this likely fatal trend? That question has left experts stumped. So far, his efforts to connect with black voters have come up short, and whether he can suddenly come up with a solution before Tuesday seems doubtful.

Watch Sanders attempt to explain why he is the better choice for African-Americans, and other policy differences between himself and Clinton, in the video below.

But at the debate in Flint, Michigan — a predominantly African-American community devastated by a water supply poisoned after the state's Republican administration instituted cost-cutting measures — Sanders will have another nationally televised platform on which to make an attempt to revive his campaign.

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The Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton Democratic Debate from Flint, Michigan, is scheduled to get underway at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, 5 p.m. Pacific, at The Whiting Auditorium on the campus of the University of Michigan-Flint. The debate will be broadcast by CNN, and will be moderated by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, with questions also coming from his CNN colleagues Don Lemon and Dana Bash. The live stream will be available from CNN Go by clicking on this link. Viewers can also try this link for an alternative live stream.

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