Sharon Osbourne Abhors Nannies: ‘I Caught Two Of Them In Bed With Ozzy!’

Sharon Osbourne is the newest celebrity to come forward with stories about the troubles caused by nannies. The wife of heavy rocker Ozzy Osbourne confesses that, like other celebrity wives, she once came home to find Ozzy in a compromising position with the hired help. Ms. Osbourne describes the child care workers as opportunistic gold diggers, looking for their way into the celebrity lifestyle.

Sharon Osbourne Reveals Nannies Are Not To Be Trusted

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In a discussion on The Talk, Sharon Osbourne revealed that she walked in on husband Ozzy in bed with two of the couple’s four nannies. She explained that busy work schedules for both Ozzy and herself necessitated the hiring of four nannies for around-the-clock supervision of their three children, Jack, Kelly, and Aimee Osbourne.

Even though the nannies were necessary, particularly for all of the traveling done by both Sharon and Ozzy, the wife of the Black Sabbath rocker says she abhorred having them around.

“I’m telling you, they were the bane of my existence,” Sharon said. “They were all wanting to be celebrities. They were all wanting money … I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy!”

Ms. Osbourne revealed that this was an ongoing thing with Ozzy. She says confronting him about it never did any good, because this was during the period Osbourne had been struggling with drug addiction, making serious conversations often one-sided.

Ms. Osbourne revealed she could only think of one solution.

“At the end of the day, I hired a manny called ‘Big Dave,'” she concluded. “Never trust a nanny!”

Lita Ford Recalls Meeting Ozzy Osbourne…Twice

As far as female rock stars go, Lita Ford is a living legend, so it’s only fitting that she should put her memoirs down on paper. Her book, Living Like a Runaway, details her life from the beginnings of her career with The Runaways up through her years as a solo artist, chronicling her life with anecdotes from the road.

Lita says her purpose in writing the book was to share with her fans the struggles she endured as a rising female artist. Even after she made a name for herself, Ford says she had to keep proving herself to male rockers, people like Ozzy Osbourne.

Lita first met Ozzy, when her manager, none other than Sharon Osbourne herself, put the two artists together for a duet on Ford’s 1988 album, Lita. The song, of course, was “Close My Eyes Forever.”

The song was a hit, becoming one of the greatest rock ballads of all time. A memorable event to be sure, but, as Lita tells it, Osbourne wasn’t too impressed with the experience. At least, that’s what one would think, considering he didn’t recognize Ms. Ford the next time they were brought together.

“He was dabbling in all kinds of stuff, to the point where, six months after we’d had a top-ten single, he didn’t know who I was,” remembers Lita Ford. “I saw him at a party and he says to me, ‘I know you! I know you!’ It’s like, the lights were on, but nobody was home!”

It wasn’t long after that second meeting that Ozzy took a break from the music industry, adds the “Kiss Me Deadly” singer. Sharon stood by Ozzy, as he struggled to kick his addictions, while also fighting off the media attention responsible for driving Osbourne to do drugs in the first place. After he did finally break free of his addictions, Ozzy returned to the limelight in a big way. When he wasn’t busy with his family’s new reality show, The Osbournes, Ozzy was on the road with his Ozzfest music festival.

Currently, Ozzy Osbourne is touring with Black Sabbath.

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