Goodbye, Joey Feek: Family, Friends, And Celebrities Pay Tribute To The Country Star — Her Final Days Remembered

Joey Feek embraced that her time on this earth was limited, and spent her last few months with those who loved her. The 40-year-old country star wasn’t scared of dying; in fact, she welcomed death because that meant she would get to meet God. After a two-year battle with cervical cancer, Joey died on Friday afternoon, reported People. Joey shared her battle with cancer on social media with her husband, Rory Feek’s Blog, This Life I Live. The blog detailed Joey’s fears, dreams, and her final days leading up to her death. On February 29, Rory posted that Joey’s hospice nurse told them she only had a few more days left, at the most. Joey told her family goodbye and went into a deep sleep until her death on Friday.

In the blog entry titled, “A Dream Come True,” Rory shared a tear-jerking video of his wife. Apparently, Joey was a long-time fan of Dolly Parton and wanted the chance to meet her. When she got sick, she believed that she would never get the opportunity. Dolly sent Joey a video to tell her to keep praying for her miracle. Dolly told her that she knew they had something in common: their faith in God.

Joey watched the video and cried; she couldn’t believe that Dolly sent her a video. She cried and told Rory that the video was better than meeting the country star because she could watch it over and over. It seems like Joey didn’t know how many people she inspired; she became not only an inspiration to Dolly Parton, but to everyone as she (bravely) battled cancer.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]