Earl Bradley: Serial Pedophile Pediatrician Loses Appeal To Delaware Supreme Court

Former pediatrician Earl Bradley, who is serving life in prison for sexually abusing 102 girls and one boy, has lost an appeal in Delaware Supreme Court.

As Yahoo News reports, a three-judge panel sitting Thursday rejected Bradley’s claims about his trial and appeal attorneys being unproductive and denied him the right to appoint one of his choosing. The panel upheld a similar Superior Court judge’s ruling dismissing the arguments.

After years of questions about his erratic behavior and worries among parents, Bradley was arrested in December 2009 after a 2-year-old girl told her mother that the doctor had taken her to a basement room and hurt her.

In 2011, Judge William Carpenter Jr. sentenced Bradley to more than 160 years in prison for multiple counts of assault and sexual exploitation of a child. He was also sentenced to 14 life sentences without parole for 14 counts of first-degree rape. Under state law, a life sentence is compulsory for a person convicted of rape against three or more persons.

“You will never be in a position to harm a child again,” Carpenter said.

He added that the serial pedophile abused the trust of his child patients, families, and the moral values of the southern Delaware community of Lewes and his Hippocratic Oath as a medical professional not to harm his patients.

“You have severely violated that trust and shamed your profession,” Carpenter concluded.

Investigators searched Bradley’s Lewes office complex shortly after he was arrested and seized scores of homemade videos he had made sexually abusing children patients after luring them into the basement with promises of toys and candy treats. According to court records, there were over 89 incidents captured on 13 hours of video by Bradley dating as far back as 1998. The average age of the victims was 3-years-old.


State Police Detective Scott Garland had described the rapes as violent and brutal. In his testimony, he explained how Bradley had his hands wrapped around the heads of the young children, forcing them to perform oral sex on him. Garland said when he was done, he would lift the kids by their heads and throw them several feet onto a couch. Some of his victims passed out, and Garland testified that Bradley would rub their chests to revive them. His case is arguably the worst case of child sex abuse in America’s history.

In 2012, the state Supreme Court threw out Bradley’s argument that his sickening homemade videos that showed him attacking young children were wrongfully seized because the police used an invalid search warrant. Bradley also argued in his recent appeal that he could not afford an attorney because of a civil racketeering claim filed against him that put a peg on his assets. But a lower court judge affirmed that he was never deprived of his right to a choice of counsel.

Justice Karen Valihura wrote for the Supreme Court panel, “Bradley never asserted a right to choice of counsel in the proceedings leading to his conviction. Bradley never challenged the racketeering complaint or the racketeering lien placed on his assets in the proceedings leading to his conviction. There can be no dispute that the state of Delaware provided Bradley with ample resources for his defense and that he can’t make a valid claim of a miscarriage of justice.”

The court said judgment had been passed on the issue previously and barred Bradley from raising it again. A defense attorney for Bradley, Patrick Collins had no comment. A spokesman from the attorney general’s office said the agency “is thankful the conviction of the perpetrator of such horrendous crimes will stand.”

[Image via Delaware State Police]