Kanye West Ready To Blow? ‘Life Of Pablo’ Rapper Looks ‘Visibly Angry’ With Monster-In-Law Kris Jenner At Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West has had a rough couple of weeks. From his infamous Twitter rants to his self-declared money problems, the rapper has likely seen better days. More recently, West was spotted hanging out with his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, at the Balmain fashion show. However, instead of having a good time, West appeared visibly angry. Is he ready to blow his lid once and for all?

According to Radar Online, the photos released from the event in Paris showed a surprisingly distraught and angry West. Although it isn’t clear what Jenner and West talked about during the show, body language interpreter Dr. Lillian Glass believes that something is seriously wrong with West.

“This photo is very disturbing,” Glass stated about one of the images. “He is very angry, upset and distraught and is the only one in the entire audience looking like this. You can tell by this photo alone that there is something very serious going on with him emotionally, and Kris is not giving him the support that he needs right now.”

Although Jenner was by West’s side during the event, Glass explained how her body language revealed that she was not showing proper support of her son-in-law. Instead, Jenner was reportedly only concerned with herself while ignoring West’s obvious need for attention.

“What I am seeing throughout all of these photos is that Kris is not reaching out to him physically. Instead, she has her hands on herself. She is not satisfying Kanye emotionally or reaching out to him like a mother would,” Glass shared. “She is only concerned about herself.”

Kanye West appeared annoyed with Jenner in another photo from Paris Fashion Week. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty]
Kanye West appeared annoyed with Jenner in another photo from Paris Fashion Week. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty]

Indeed, it doesn’t take a language expert to know that West was angry about something. In fact, he brooded throughout the entire show and did not take off his hoodie, despite being indoors. Unfortunately, it isn’t known what was on West’s mind during the fashion show, though his past antics might offer a few clues.

In the past few months, Kanye West has not been shy about offering his opinions on Twitter. Not only has this created a few feuds with other celebrities around the world, but it also had fans wondering about West’s current mental state.

At the same time, West also declared that he has lost a lot of money in his various business ventures. He even went so far as to ask for money on social media in order to pay off his personal debt. Were money issues behind his attitude at the fashion show? Does his demeanor hint that the rapper is on the brink of a major meltdown?

At this point, only time will tell how West will react in the coming weeks. Considering his interactions on social media, it shouldn’t be long before West addresses his behavior for all the world to see.

Meanwhile, according to Mirror, West and Jenner were at the event to show their support for Kendall Jenner and Olivier Rousteing. For her part, Kim Kardashian is thought to have stayed home with the couple’s daughter and newborn, Saint.

Kendall Jenner Balmain

The visible anger between West and his mother-in-law is surprising. After all, the two have gotten along well in the past. Whether or not West’s recent troubles has anything to do with it is unknown, though it only adds to the level of controversy surrounding West.

While West sat sulking in his anger, Daily Mail is reporting that Jenner actually had quite the night. Along with thrilling the crowd in her gorgeous dress, the reality mom was nothing but smiles as she spent the entire event with Kendall and Gigi Hadid. Clearly, whatever is affecting West did not put a damper on things for Jenner.

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[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]