Rory Feek Loves Joey Feek: See His Most Romantic, Touching Posts

Rory Feek lost his beloved wife, Joey Feek, to cancer on Friday afternoon. Over the past couple of years, Rory has posted the most romantic, touching messages, blogs, and photos about Joey, showing just how much he adored and cherished her. Rory’s blog, entitled This Life I Live, has told a beautiful yet bittersweet story of love and loss.

Whether posting on his blog or sharing photos of his wife and daughters, Rory has kept Joey + Rory fans in the loop and feeling the love.

Rory Feek’s latest post is titled “A Dream Come True,” and it tells the world about Joey’s passing.

“My wife’s greatest dream came true today. She is in Heaven. The cancer is gone, the pain has ceased and all her tears are dry. Joey is in the arms of her beloved brother Justin and using her pretty voice to sing for her savior… It’s hard for me to imagine being there without Joey, but at the same time… it is where she wants us to be. It’s where she will be… She’s gonna be in the mint growing beside our back deck, the sweet-corn frozen in our freezer and a million other places that her hand and heart has touched around our little farmhouse and community. Joey will still be with us. Everywhere. So if it’s okay, I’m gonna close, wipe my tears and pack our bags to hit the road headed south. She’s already got a head-start on me.”

Rory Feek wrote another blog on February 29. According to Us Weekly, it was his most touching to date. Rory wrote about Joey saying goodbye to the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Indiana. It was just one week before she passed away, before she fell into a “deep sleep.”

It was an emotional time for the whole family, but it was a memory that Rory Feek will never forget.

“I set our little Indy on Joey’s lap and we all cried with my wife as she told her how much her mama loved her and, ‘…you be a big girl for your papa… and that mama will be watching over you.’ And then she pulled Indiana up and she kissed her. One last kiss.”

Joey Feek was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, just months after giving birth to Indiana. Although she fought a brave fight and remained as positive as she could, Joey’s diagnosis was terminal. She stayed strong until the end, but when it was time for her to go, she knew — and she told Rory.

Although it was very difficult and heartbreaking, Rory Feek knew that he had to let his wife go. He was somehow prepared — somehow at peace — and was able to accept his wife’s fate.

Over the past several months, Joey has spent as much time as she could with her family and friends.

On their last Valentine’s Day together, Rory posted the following.

“Her three sisters helped her with makeup and she put on a nice shirt and scarf to look pretty for me… and we both even wore sweet corsages that someone sent to us in the mail for the big day (I hadn’t even seen a corsage since my senior prom). We lit a candle and together, we shared an incredible Valentines day evening.”

Rory Feek will do his absolute best to keep Joey’s memory alive for himself and for Indiana. Rory has said that he doesn’t have any desire to sing without Joey by his side. It’s unknown if he will feel that way forever, but many fans truly believe that he could make an incredible album dedicated to his late wife. It’s amazing what music can do to heal the soul.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]