NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Acquiring Nick Foles From Los Angeles Rams

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones definitely doesn’t want to go through another season without a solid quarterback at the helm, so he is doing his due diligence by looking to upgrade at the position. The NFL Draft is coming up soon, and the Cowboys are expected to seriously consider spending one of the early choices on a passer. However, Sports Illustrated Fansided is now stating that Dallas could be interested in trading for Los Angeles Rams quarterback Nick Foles.

In 2013, Nick Foles caught the attention of the NFL when he completed the season with an 119.2 quarterback rating while starting for the Philadelphia Eagles. Many thought he was ready to take it to the next level, because he threw for 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions. The belief was that Chip Kelly had finally found the star quarterback that his brilliant offensive system needed and would lead the Eagles back to the promise land.

Niners coach Chip Kelly

Things came crashing back down to earth in 2014 for Nick Foles. He only threw 13 touchdowns that season, and he had 10 interceptions for the year. A broken collarbone ended the season for Foles. Mark Sanchez took over the starting quarterback spot for the Philadelphia Eagles, and some fans actually started leaning towards him over Foles. Some believed that Foles was no longer in the plans for the Eagles.

Chip Kelly shocked the NFL in March of 2015 when he traded Nick Foles away to the then-St. Louis Rams. Reports surfaced that the former Oregon Ducks head coach convinced the Rams to give up Sam Bradford, whom they were not actively shopping. Despite being injury prone for his entire NFL career, Bradford was viewed as a better option by Kelly. Many started looking down on Foles, because they saw that the Philadelphia Eagles were able to discard him for a player that might never play a full season.

Eagles QB Sam Bradford

The grass wasn’t that much greener for Nick Foles when he became the starting quarterback for the St Louis Rams. Head coach Jeff Fisher actually lost confidence in Foles and benched him. Case Keenum is still an unproven commodity in the NFL, but Fisher felt that the Rams had a better chance of winning with him than with Foles. With the Rams moving to Los Angeles, the belief was that Foles was going to be playing for another team soon.

With the possibility of the Los Angeles Rams being interested in trading away Nick Foles, a couple of NFL teams immediately expressed interest in acquiring him. The Washington Redskins expressed interest because their quarterback position is in shambles. Robert Griffin III is essentially out the door. Kirk Cousins did better than expected, but he’s a free agent whose asking price might be too high for Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo

For whatever reasons, the Miami Dolphins are also expressing interest in acquiring Nick Foles from the Los Angeles Rams. Former Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase recently took over as the new head coach of the Dolphins. The belief was that Miami had faith in Ryan Tannehill since they handed him a $95 million contract, but it now appears that Gase might not be entirely sold.

The third NFL team to express interest in Nick Foles is the Dallas Cowboys. That doesn’t really come as a surprise, because Jerry Jones wants to make sure that he has a quarterback in case Tony Romo goes down again. Foles isn’t a franchise quarterback at this point in time, but if he’s surrounded by a great offensive line, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, then he might be more than adequate as an emergency starter.

[Photo by Michael B Thomas/Getty Images]