WWE News: Several WWE Performers Hurt At WWE Live Events Last Night

It seems that WWE has had one thing plague them since last year. No, it is not television rating issues. Although, that is a problem for the company. No, it isn’t even a management issue. WWE has been having extreme trouble with injuries. It seems these WWE Superstars and Divas cannot stay healthy. The problem has even made its way down to WWE NXT and affected the newest talent in the company.

It should not come as a surprise that WWE saw several of its workers go down to an injury last night. WWE put on two events last night, one for NXT in Cleveland, Ohio, and the other for the main roster in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since fans do have a lot to get through, let us first start with the men.

Sheamus seemed to be busted open, which is never a good thing. Due to this not being a terrible injury, he most likely won’t miss time due to the ordeal. He very well could wrestle tonight in fact. WWE NXT talent Tomasso Ciampa was also hurt. His injury occurred when he took “the shatter machine” move from NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson during a tag team match. He was teaming with Evolve and NXT talent Johnny Gargano. Ciampa appears to have suffered a shoulder injury of some kind.


It seemed to be a scary injury, and the move usually is devastating looking so the fans seemingly weren’t aware Tomasso was hurt until after the match when he was not getting up.

Moving on to the women, one of which could be a bit costly. First, there’s Emma. While working with Japanese great Asuka, she was legitimately knocked out by her. The match was stopped and ruled a no contest, and Emma was a bit dazed but she was only out for a second it appeared. She could have a concussion from the knockout, but remains unknown right now. Emma could be out for a few days or weeks, depending on if a concussion has occurred or not.

The big injury of the night seems to have been delivered to WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte. In a match with Becky Lynch, which only lasted a few minutes, Lynch hit Charlotte with a knee to the face and appears to have broken Charlotte’s nose. She was helped to the back and Lynch was legitimately worried after the hit. There was apparently a ton of blood to clean up afterward, so a broken nose seemed to be the most likely injury she may have suffered.

Charlotte Ric

Thankfully, no one was injured so severely that they needed to be hospitalized; however Ciampa could be out for a while. It truly all depends on if he had a stinger happen or big time shoulder injury. At times, the issue could seem like a terrible injury but then turn out to be just a stinger from a fall or major hit. Daniel Bryan infamously had one of his matches stopped due to a stinger and went off on Triple H in the back for it. After a while, he realized that no one knew if he was severely hurt or not and agreed it was good to stop.

Fans should know more on Ciampa within the week.

As for the Diva’s Champion, Charlotte, her status is up in the air. It is very unlikely she will miss WrestleMania 32, so we can be assured that she is going to be good to go. She could end up pulling a Trish Stratus and wear a face mask for a while. Of course, it all depends on if she needs to have surgery. If she does, she could hold off on this for a month and have the surgery after dropping the Diva’s Title to either Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks. As of now, Sasha is set to win but those plans could change. Fans will have to wait and see what she decides to do.

[Image via WWE]