UFO Experts Raise Alarm: Alien UFOs Harvesting Energy From Our Sun Endanger Our Planetary System And Life On Earth

UFOlogists have raised an alarm about the threat from massive alien UFOs spotted in NASA's SOHO images swarming around our Sun. UFO researchers claim that massive interstellar spaceships -- some larger than our Moon and Earth -- are endangering our planetary system and life on Earth through uncontrolled harvesting of energy and other resources from our Sun. The unchecked draining of energy from our Sun by spacefaring extraterrestrial interlopers could lead to the extinction of life on Earth.

UFO researchers who keep a close watch on alien UFO traffic around and near our Sun on NASA's Helioviewer website -- where high-quality images of the solar atmosphere captured by NASA's Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) are uploaded regularly -- have raised alarm that spacefaring extraterrestrials from advanced technological civilizations are taking advantage of the fact that Earth civilization is still at a relatively primitive stage of technologically advancement to engage in uncontrolled and unbridled exploitation of our solar resources. The unchecked energy resource mining activities of spacefaring interlopers are endangering life in our local system, according to UFO researchers.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring claimed in a recent blog post that some of the UFOs harvesting energy from our Sun are actually bigger than our Moon. UFO hunters have also reported sighting UFOs twice the size of Earth entering into the solar atmosphere. These massive UFOs, according to UFO researchers, could be endangering life on Earth through their activities around our Sun.

Scientists say that our Sun, formed about 4.6 billion years ago from gas and dust clouds that coalesced under gravity, should continue generating energy for five billion years. But could the swarms of massive alien UFOs engaged in uncontrolled exploitation of our Sun's limited energy resources shorten its lifespan and force it to enter the terminal red giant phase of its life cycle much earlier than expected?

The "red giant" stage of a star's life cycle is the stage in which its supply of hydrogen fuel for nuclear fusion reaction at the core is exhausted and energy-generating nuclear reactions shift to an outer layer, causing it to expand drastically and engulf orbiting planets.

"They [alien UFOs] are out there... around our sun, doing god knows what," Waring declares. "They may actually be controlling the Sun... or they could be harvesting a very rare and powerful heavy element. Let's hope they don't make a mistake and barbecue our planet."

Alien UFO with solar panels
'They [alien UFOs] are out there... around our sun, doing god knows what. They may actually be controlling the sun. Let's hope they don't make a mistake and barbecue our planet.' [Image via Shutterstock]

"They are out there... around our sun, doing god knows what. Let's hope they don't make a mistake and barbecue our planet."

In a video (see above) uploaded to YouTube on March 3, 2016, UFO hunter Myunhauzen74 reports observing high alien UFO traffic around our Sun.

Myunhauzen74 is known in the UFO community as a UFOlogist who specializes in watching NASA's Helioviewer website for alien UFO activity around our Sun. The images uploaded to the Helioviewer are snapped by cameras aboard NASA's SOHO spacecraft. The SOHO spacecraft is stationed in space between Earth and the Sun to provide near-real-time solar data that helps scientists predict space weather.

Myunhauzen keeps a watch on alien UFO activity around our Sun because he believes that members of the public have a right to be informed of truths about UFOs and alien presence in our solar system that NASA and the government are hiding from the public.

The UFO hunter reveals in his new YouTube video that the latest images sent to Earth from NASA's Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) show swarms of massive UFO orbs, believed to be interstellar motherships or intergalactic cruise ships, orbiting our Sun and draining its energy resources.

Online UFO hunter Streetcap1 also reported sighting a massive alien spacecraft peeking from behind the Sun in a NASA image of the solar atmosphere taken by SOHO's Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph (LASCO) C2 on March 1, 2016 (see YouTube below).

Anticipating dismissive comments from skeptics, a UFO researcher pointed out that the size and structure of the UFO in the LASCO C2 image shows it was not a flaw caused by overexposure but an intelligently designed craft.

"Upon closer inspection it seems unlikely that it is just an energetic particle given the huge size of the object," the UFOlogist writes.

Commenting on the latest report by Myunhauzen74, Waring expresses concern that alien visitors to our system could be controlling or limiting the energy our Sun releases to the Earth, presumably so that they can have more of the resources.

Russian UFOlogists were the first to notice, nearly a decade ago, remarkably high alien UFO traffic consisting of massive interstellar alien spaceships near and around our Sun, according to Waring.

The UFO blogger recalled a news report about seven years ago that Russian scientists detected swarms of UFOs around our Sun. But as part of efforts by the government to hide the truth about an alien presence in our local system, the news report vanished from the Web.

"I heard in a news story about six to seven years back about two Russian scientists that discovered that there were numerous UFOs around the sun at the same time, 24 hours a day, every day," the UFO blogger writes. "Not only that, but they said the UFOs are as big as and bigger than our moon! They stated the UFOs would increase and decrease their speed suddenly for no reason and they would make sudden hard right 90 degree turns without slowing down."

Russian UFOlogists wondered at the time why alien space voyagers were so attracted to our Sun. But UFOlogists soon realized that our Sun is a favorite hang-out for interstellar spaceships from energy-hungry and highly advanced Kardashev scale Type II and Type III civilizations because they have found they are able to harvest and mine valuable solar resources without having to answer to the local civilization that could claim exclusive rights to the resources.

UFO researchers envisage that under normal circumstances, technologically advanced civilizations guard their local energy resources jealously by protecting their parent stars from unchecked exploitation by spacefaring interlopers, pirates, and energy-hungry neighboring civilizations.

But where the civilizations sharing a parent star lack the military-technological capability to protect their local energy resources, unscrupulous interlopers could exploit the local energy resources without concern for the safety of the vulnerable local civilizations.

In other words, advanced alien civilizations are farming our star for its energy while we in the local system are unable to claim exclusive rights to our local resources because we have not reached the stage of technological advancement that allows us to assert ourselves among galactic civilizations competing for scarce cosmic energy resources.

According to the theoretical physicist Michio Maku, Earth civilizations are so primitive that they have not reached the lowest Type I level on the Kardashev scale. Maku believes that we have a chance of attaining to Type I status in the next one to two centuries.

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