'Clash Royale' Worldwide Release Met With Mixed Reviews Despite Being Top Ranked App

After limited release began in January, Clash Royale is now available across the globe, Venture Beat reported.

Clash Royale is the latest game from Supercell, the makers of the popular Clash of Clans game. The game is different from Supercell's other offerings, as it delves into the popular collective card games (CCG) industry, like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!, by using characters from the popular Clash of Clans universe.

A CCG features playing live opponents rather than computer simulations, another element this game introduces into the Supercell universe. While individuals have limited influence in defense attacks in Clash of Clans, for example, the attacks in Clash Royale are from live opponents countering the attacker's moves.
Reviews have thus far have been mixed for Clash Royale, with complaints mixed in with praise. Design & Trend offered such a review. However, the review on Geek.com was perhaps the best example of the mixed bag reviewers opened when penning critiques.

"Everything about Clash Royale is primed for success... Clash Royale's gameplay is great. Really. It scratches all the itches you want from a CCG or MOBA."

The negatives that the critique offered for Clash Royale centered around the time restraints and financial requirements to avoid them.

"Unfortunately, almost everything you can do in the game is locked behind very aggressive, very long time-gates. Yes, that's exactly how Clash of Clans works — its in Supercell's DNA to make players wait around, and to make money off their boredom. Unfortunately, though, the fast-paced, player-versus-player gameplay does not work well — at all — with Supercell's rampant time-gating."

Despite any issues reviewers have found, the video game has soared to the top of the app charts on both the iOS (Apple) and Android platforms, Venture Beat reported in a separate article. The Google Play Store does not rank it highly yet on the top-grossing games, but Clash Royale is leading the way on Apple platforms despite its global launch less than three days ago.

The quick shot to the top is impressive. While titles often take the No. 1 slot in downloads after being launched, dethroning the top-grossing list this fast has set new records for a video game launch. Websites and users are already offering tips on how to win Clash Royale battles, including Forbes' offering fans five tips to winning every battle.

Ilkka Paananen, Supercell's CEO, praised Clash Royale on his Facebook page after its launch.

"Finally this amazing piece of work by our people is out for everyone to play," Paananen wrote. "Could not be more excited about the game - hope to see you in the Arena!"

The Supercell CEO also took to Twitter to recognize the game's quick ascent to the top of the charts.

Clash Royale becomes the fourth successful launch from Supercell, following in the footsteps of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. The popular titles are helping the gaming company command an even bigger piece of the $34 billion revenue pie the mobile gaming market took in last year.

The rise of online games such as Clash Royale have taken its toll on the traditional video game market. Brick-and-mortar video game stores are focusing on the rising mobile industry with the rise in digital downloads impacting their business, the Inquisitr reported recently.

Dipping into the traditional video game market isn't the only negative games such as Clash Royale have. Video game addiction continues to rise, but health benefits from playing video games are becoming more clear in the process according to a recent study.

Do you plan to download Clash Royale to your mobile device? Leave your answer and thoughts about the game in the comment section below.

[Image via Supercell/iTunes]