Climate Change Believed To Affect Agriculture To The Point Half A Million People Could Be Killed

One of the most controversial issues our world is facing today is climate change, as in the negative effects caused by humankind’s influence. Though many people believe such does not exist, we at least have proof of how our influence on climate can be hazardous. Because of our overuse of fossil fuels, our carbon exhaust is tantamount. Acid rain has become a tangible threat. Smog has lowered the quality of life. And for those who do not believe, all they have to do is travel to India, a country in the top nine cities when it comes to air pollution. Beijing is just as bad in which its people are buying bottles of clean air just so they can breathe. Italy also has air pollution problems in which they think they can combat their situation with car use bans.

Now there is research that climate change may hurt the quality of life for humankind, as it now effects our food supply. According to a study, climate change could have an adverse effect on agriculture which, in turn, may kill more than half a million people.

There is now a study showing that climate change will have a negative effect on agriculture. This in turn will effect food supply resulting in the deaths of half a million people. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

The research of how climate change impacts the quality of agriculture was done by The Lancet, as reported by The Guardian. According to their research, fewer fruits and vegetables were available to certain people as a result of climate change. This is very bad because both have been found to vitally curb heart diseases, stroke, and diet-related cancers. As a result, the study came to the conclusion that the health dangers associated with climate change extend beyond environment, making the risk far greater.

If climate change continues to go in the direction it is going now, it is estimated that more than half a million people would die simply from their diets being less healthy, every year by 2050. Presently, the number of deaths do not seem bad because we have an over-abundance of food, especially in the United States. However, climate change is a slow and steady destroyer, and the number of deaths will increase exponentially.

Peter Scarborough of the University of Oxford who took part in the new research, provided a statement on just how dire the situation can be.

“But everyone in the world eats, so small changes in diet can quickly add up. The health burden related to climate change is much bigger than we thought.”

Alistair Woodward, a professor at the University of Auckland, and John Porter, a professor at the University of Copenhagen, also provided a commentary on the research. Both are in agreement that the researched view of climate change’s future to be precise.

“The Lancet [study] digs deeper, and reports the most advanced projections so far of the effects of climate change on food and health.”

To be fair, the research does understand there are uncertainties that may take place up to 2050. Ergo, the number of deaths due to climate change effecting agriculture could be as low as 314,000 people to a max of over three quarters of a million people.

If humankind wants to curve the researched possibilities of climate change killing people due to it effecting agriculture, we need to adopt more methods to establish climate stabilization, as reported by Inhabitat. Such countermeasures could reduce the number of deaths between 29 percent to 71 percent depending on stringency. As for climate stabilization, it could range from incorporating more green technology and alternative energy sources, to simply educating people about climate change.

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]