All 25 ‘Battleborn’ Playable Characters Now Revealed, Meet Kleese And El Dragón

On May 3, both competitive and cooperative players will be able to jump into Gearbox Software’s upcoming first person shooter Battleborn. In addition to the multiplayer online battle arena portion of the game, a repeatable story mode is also available for players to find loot for and level up their accounts. With 25 heroes to level in addition to the overall command rank of a player’s account, nearly everyone should find a character to suit their tastes.

The final two playable heroes in the 25-character roster available at the game’s launch are now confirmed to be Kleese and El Dragón. Both these Battleborn heroes belong to the Last Light Consortium or LLC faction according to the official site, but they bring two very different play styles to the FPS. Kleese rides in a hovering chair while using gadgets to defeat foes, while El Dragón gets up close and personal with mechanical arms.

Kleese atop the Battle Throne MK. 1 [Image via Gearbox Software]

Once a director for Minion Robotics, Kleese is accustomed to staying hands-off in most situations, opting instead for robotic aid. The elderly fellow sits in a rather high-tech chair that floats along the ground; however, it acts as much more than just transportation. The Battle Throne MK. 1 lets Kleese fire mortars and electrocute adversaries on demand. Kleese can also summon Energy Rifts that grant shields to allies or a Black Hole to suck in enemies to specified location.

El Dragón is a luchador that lost his arms fighting a rogue robot. Now he is equipped with mechanical arms, making him quite the cybernetic ally. With those huge mechanical arms, El Dragón can Clothesline foes with expert impact. Not to mention, he is not afraid to belly flop into combat situations with ease. This Battleborn character can also deal extra damage with the En Fuego ability. After dealing great area damage, the ability grants fiery damage to all his other attacks.

The reveal of Kleese and El Dragón comes just one week after the announcement that introduced three other Battleborn playable characters. With a release date on May 3, it seems like information on Battleborn is coming at frequent rate. This hopefully indicates the imminent open beta test to be conducted before the game releases. As noted on the PlayStation Blog, players on the PlayStation 4 can even gain access to a 26th hero by helping test Battleborn during the open beta. Players will simply need to use the same SHiFT account login for the live game as they do for the beta in order to unlock the mystery hero at launch.

The three characters publicized last week included a torn-up clone, a golem, and a teenage girl with a creature attached to her torso. Whiskey Foxtrot deals damage from afar with a custom rifle while Kelvin protects others by trying to soak up enemy damage. Shayne and Aurox, the duo comprised of a girl and a monster, works on foes within melee range while utilizing stealth and other tricks. As the Inquisitr reported, the reveal of these three characters took players through one of the game’s story mode missions. In fact, players that participated in the Closed Technical Test will recognize the mission and learn more about what happens during it after Geoff is defeated.

El Dragón, the luchador with mechanical arms

Interested players can pre-order Battleborn now to receive the Firstborn Pack. This pack includes a collection of five golden skins for specific Battleborn heroes in addition to a special in-game title. The golden skins are available for Marquis, Montana, Rath, Renya, and Thorn. The game, again, releases on May 3 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While there is no open beta date yet, it is likely coming up soon since the game’s release is just a couple of months away.

[Image via Gearbox Software]