'Mob Wives' Saved? Karen Gravano Hints Another Network Picked Up Series -- Show To Come Back For Season Seven?

Chrissie Williams

The Mob Wives: Final Stand season finale airs on Wednesday night; however, there has been some buzz about the show living on to see another year. Karen Gravano retweeted a post that brought speculation that the show could be picked up by another network. It didn't take Mob Wives fans long to pick up on it either -- is it possible that another network may be interested in Mob Wives? If so, would all the cast members return for another season of fun?

It isn't clear if all the Mob Wives cast members are interested in coming back for another season. Rita D'Avanzo, for example, has come across as being fed up with the other women and would likely refuse to return. Earlier in the week, Inquisitr reported that Drita allegedly had a Mob Wives spin-off in the works. Apparently, she was trying to iron out the last minute details before she signed a contract to film the show.

If Drita refused to return, you can count on Brittany Fogarty to cause drama. The fact is, right now, she has plenty of beef with Karen Gravano to create a storyline. Karen protected her, and she returned the favor by going head-to-head with her friends, Renee Graziano and Carla Facciolo. Although Brittany is annoying, one thing she was correct about was that Carla and Renee were instigators; they (almost) forced her into a confrontation with Marissa Jade a few weeks back.

Mob Wives

The season finale will include a showdown between Drita and Karen, and D'Avanzo will confront Gravano about the comments she made about Lee, Reality Tea reports. The argument quickly turned to violence and security had to pull Drita off of Karen. The fight has been coming for many years as the tension between them has boiled over to a point that they can no longer control themselves. Will VH1 let Karen and Drita come to blows, or will they resolve their squabble before someone gets hurt?

Is it possible that Mob Wives will find a new home on another network? If so, which cast members would you like to see back? Would you watch if Drita got her own show? Don't forget to come back to Inquisitr for more Mob Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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