Tim Tebow: I’m Not Dating Taylor Swift–Or Anyone Else

Tim Tebow, the New York Jets backup (for now) quarterback, is a free agent when it comes to his social life. Contrary to past reports, he apparently is not dating singer Taylor Swift or actress Diana Agron.

As The Daily Caller puts it, “Tim Tebow is single and ready to mingle.”

Tebwo told the SheKnows website that he’s not in a relationship and indeed is looking for a new one. But there’s a catch. The new Tebow girlfriend will likely have to live up to the standards established by his mom and sisters.

“I have been so blessed with having great role models around me, number one my mom and two great sisters. It’s hard for a lot of girls to measure up.”

Some others things Tim looks for are “someone that is passionate, that cares, who is a sweet, kind person, and has a great heart and a big heart.”

“Someone that’s pretty, too,” Tebow added.

A few months back, Tim Tebow, an outspoken Christian who evidently opposes pre-marital relations, was playfully ridiculed by his New York Jets teammates after practice. The Jets chanted “LoLo” as Tebow entered the locker room, referencing Lolo Jones, an Olympic athlete who previously revealed that she was a virgin.

Any potential Tim Tebow girlfriend presumably will have to factor Tebow’s religious beliefs into consideration, but multimillionaire athletes generally have no difficulty whatsoever finding female companionship.

Tim Tebow recently won the ESPY “Best Moment” award for his 80-yeard touchdown pass in overtime of the 2011 AFC wild-card playoffs. That pass gave the Denver Broncos the win and knocked the Pittsburgh Steelers out of the NFL playoffs.

Although a rivalry between Tebow and incumbent Mark Sanchez for the starting QB job is expected especially if Sanchez falters, the Jets are considering–as training camp opens–using Tebow as a kick returner in certain situations in the upcoming season.

In addition to whom Tim Tebow may or may not be dating, he also stirs up the passions of sports commentators, especially ESPN’s Skip Bayless. Back when Tebow was riding high with the Broncos, DJ Steve Porter created this “all he does is win” video, which is perhaps the best mashup ever:

Do you think there is too much hype surrounding Tim Tebow or is the publicity justified?