Sexy Matthew Gray Gubler Graces Newest Cover Of ‘Rogue Magazine’: 10-Page Spread Dedicated To ‘Criminal Minds’ Favorite

Matthew Gray Gubler is a man of many talents. If you love him on Criminal Minds, really getting to know him, via the spread in Rogue Magazine, will make you love him even more. Seriously!

Rogue is a fairly new publication. Launched in September of 2015, the indie magazine promises to give its readers intellectually provocative, not to mention visually aesthetic, content.

Printed four times a year, it features in-depth interviews, narratives and photography covering topics such as music, culture, fashion, and films. Editor-in-chief, Heather Seidler, explains the magazine’s goal like this.

“We plan to bridge the gap between underground and the mainstream, to blend the glossy with the accessible.”

The second issue of Rogue Magazine features Gray Gubler on the cover. The accompanying 10-page cover story shares many of his passions and current projects. It’s an intimate look at many of the things Matthew finds important in life, especially directing and comedy.

The Gubler-packed issue is finally available online. You get the choice of purchasing either the in-print edition or the digital download. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can start reading about Matthew right now.

If you don’t want to spend the few bucks it takes,to pick up the latest digital edition of Rogue, the following information is just for you. It touches on a few things that make FBI profiler, Spencer Reed, such an all-around interesting and amazing guy.

In a recent Good Day LA interview, Matthew talked about a lot of things, including his role in the movie Band of Robbers. Watching him, it’s easy to see what an integral part comedy plays in his life.

According to an interview on Glamour, Gubler graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. His drawings and paintings are definitely a tribute to his uniqueness as a person. He uses some of his talent to help organizations like the American Red Cross. He had this to say about the tote he designed to help with fundraising efforts.

“In my quest to do every single thing imaginable, I love making shirts and stickers and buttons, and the totes were just…a lot of bummers are going on in the world, and the Red Cross helps everyone, and I just wanted to do something to spread some cheer. I’m also making these blankets for kids who are either sick or orphans. Every blanket sold, one will be given to a kid in need. I like the idea of giving things to people in need.”

While attending art school, he did some modeling for Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, and others. All of the positive attention was the polar opposite of some of the attention he received when he was a kid.

This is what he had to say about being bullied.

“I’m so thankful for every bully I’ve ever had. It never affected me, and that’s why I’m so thankful for them. I learned early on that if anything, it made me stick closer to who I am and not try…it just made me very solid with who I was. I don’t see it like, ‘poor me.’ I was lucky. It taught me a beautiful lesson, and I’m really grateful for it.”

Directing is another one of Matthew’s passions. Several episodes of Criminal Minds were produced under his direction. He’s also produced two music videos for the band The Killers.

You may be surprised to learn Gubler is the voice of Simon in the recent Alvin and the Chipmunks films. In this video interview, from Vanity Fair, Matthew tells viewers he achieves the high-pitched cuteness by saying his lines very slowly. One he’s done, the recording is fast-forwarded and the rest is chipmunk history.

He makes stuffed animals and costumes. He collects kimonos and constructed the fireplace in his “haunted tree house” home, because he wanted it to look like a “drunk gnome” made it. He’s come a long way from his first role in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

If you’re a die-hard Matthew Gray Gubler fan, why not take a minute to comment below? What is it about him that you love the most?

[Photo by PLS Pool/Getty Images]