Arnold Classic 2016: Keep Up With #ASF2016 And #ArnoldAmateur Buzz On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, And Watch It Online [Videos]

Those who aren’t attending the Arnold Classic 2016 can keep up with the Arnold Sports Festival on social media. According to Facebook, the term “Arnold Classic 2016” is a trending topic on Facebook, while social media is also using the #ASF2016 hashtag to keep up with all the happenings at the fitness event. As described in a Facebook summary, the Arnold Classic is an “Annual Professional Men’s Bodybuilding Expo” that continues in Columbus, Ohio. However, there’s so much more to the event; as witnessed by a plethora of photos of bikini-clad bikini competitors and female figure competitors online.

“Named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, the event runs through Sunday at the Columbus Convention Center. It includes more than 900 vendors and competitions in bodybuilding, martial arts and more.”

On Instagram, the #asf2016 hashtag has already swelled to 16,743 posts and growing, with photos of folks already updating the public on how their stage posing routines have fared, and who has placed in the top 15 spots in various competitions, as well as those who didn’t.

Also on Facebook, the Arnold Sports Festival account is keeping people posted on the happenings at the event.

The #ArnoldAmateur hashtag is no slouch either, with the amateur competitors showing up in photos under the #arnoldamateur hashtag on Instagram, filling it with 7,554 posts thus far and counting upwards. Famous folks in the fitness world are signing autographs and thrilling fans who follow them on social media when they are able to meet their bodybuilding idols in real life.

Some simply tag it, “The Arnold,” and post photos of the man at the center of the bodybuilding competition. The event, second in importance only to the Mr. and Ms. Olympia competitions in the bodybuilding universe, is named for the star of Pumping Iron and seven-time Mr. Olympia winner, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Incidentally, Arnold also served two terms as the Governor of California.

Arnold at #thearnold

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The Arnold Classic isn’t just an event held in America. As seen in the top photo above, a female competitor shows off her massive lats, deltoids and traps in the Arnold Classic Europe bodybuilding event. That event was held in Madrid, Spain, on Friday, September 25, 2015.

@officialflexwheeler #BodyBuilding #Flex #Olympia #MrOlympia @mr.olympiallc #Gym #asf2016

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The best part for those who long to compete in such an event in the future is that the social media hashtags allow them to catch the posing routines via video, to help them see the type of stage presence and moves that compelled the judges to name the winners and declare others close to making the top spots.

Viewing the video page on Facebook when searching for the Arnold Classic 2016 turns up plenty of videos of fitness people — on stage and off.

The Arnold Classic 2016 video search on Twitter turns up meet-and-greet videos, as well as other exercise videos.

On Twitter, the #AFS2016 video search reveals happenings at the Arnold as well, with more videos on the way as the 2016 event extends throughout the weekend, and more onstage events are recorded and posted online.

From first callouts to thoughts about who folks feel has on too much oil or whose muscles are too grainy, all the #AFS2016 news can be found online. Sites are offering ways to watch the Arnold online via a livestream. Unfortunately, some sites appear to have membership fees.

“Watch the Arnold via Internet if you can’t attend in person. Go to for live streaming of the events.”

It seems that searching for a livestream on for the Arnold Classic 2016 might prove fruitful as it has in past years. Either way, all of the social media updates being posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will help folks feel like they are there.

Plenty of testimonies and photos even from those who didn’t place at the Arnold Classic 2016 prove they are still winners in the field of fitness and life.

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