Brock Osweiler Heads To Texans, John Elway Throws Shade [VIDEO]

Brock Osweiler just left the Denver Broncos needing to replace not one, but two quarterbacks. Following the heartfelt retirement announcement by iconic quarterback Peyton Manning, perhaps Denver was ready to shift Osweiler into a starting position. Whatever the case, ESPN reports the Broncos failed to nail down Brock with a crucial contract extension.

The free agent flew the coop and landed in Houston, signing with the Texans for a deal worth $72 million. Brock Osweiler is, according USA Today writer Tom Pelissero, guaranteed $37 million.

As for why he signed the deal, Brock said, “Coming to Houston was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.” He added that he believed his new team is “on the cusp of doing something great,” and that the franchise is “something special.”

ESPN notes the team, which was created in 2002, has historically lacked consistency at quarterback. When Brock Osweiler was forced to step in for an injured Peyton Manning, he showed his skill in the role of starting quarterback. If it’s a leader that the Texans are looking for in Osweiler, a statement by the free agent could give them pause.

“I know this team already has guys in the locker room who bring leadership, who bring hard work to the table. My biggest deal is I just want to do my job.”

During a crucial game against the Chargers in January, Peyton Manning was put in and Brock Osweiler benched. It reportedly happened precisely because Osweiler wasn’t offering the offensive leadership needed. No one expects Brock to take on such a role immediately. Still, some teams, as the Denver Broncos did with Manning, have reached out to talented quarterbacks precisely for that reason.

If the Texans are wanting a bit more bang for their buck in this regard, such a response by Brock Osweiler on leadership won’t build confidence.

As for the team that Osweiler left, the Denver Broncos seem to be taking the loss of the 25-year-old quarterback in stride. For the most part.

ESPN quoted John Elway’s take on the departure, and it was hard to ignore the obvious shade.

“We’ve stayed true to our philosophy of building a team with players who want to be Denver Broncos and want to be here. That’s been a successful approach for us.”

The Broncos are an ambitious team that can boast a bit more success recently than the Houston Texans can throughout its franchise history. Departing for the Texans was certainly a bold move on Brock Osweiler’s part, but the young quarterback has expressed faith that his new team has what it takes to begin a new successful era — one that he wants to be part of.

SB Nation reports that the Houston Texans have made sincere changes to their offense to give Osweiler the protection he needs, and a promising group of players to work with. That includes signing running back Lamar Miller, who also left the Denver Broncos, and offensive guard Jeff Allen from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Did Brock Osweiler leave the Broncos for financial gain or is he serious when he says he can help the team win a championship? Some fans and former fans have debated the athlete’s sincerity. In the ESPN comment section, a Broncos fan named Chris Concannon lashed out, referring to the signing as “desperate and sad” on the part of the Houston Texans.

Sorry to true Houston fans, your management totally screwed [your] upcoming season here. Move over Jay Cutler, Brock now holds title for worse contract in football for QB’s. Good on Brock though, he got paid!

Do you think this was a brilliant move by the Houston Texans, or were the Denver Broncos just saved from overpaying for a potentially unimpressive quarterback? Share your thoughts below!

[AP Photo/Jeff Chiu]