Joey Feek Cancer Update: Rory Feek Releases Tribute Video Emotional Video–The End Is Near

Country star, Joey Feek prepares to leave behind her loved ones as she loses her long battle with cervical cancer. Her husband, Rory Feek posted a tribute video with memories of their life together, according to Country Fancast. The images show Joey at various times of her life from pregnancy with Indiana to her battle with cancer. The video is sweet and touching; however, it is impossible not to feel emotional watching the images when you consider the amount of pain her family must feel watching her deteriorate so quickly.

The images start with a beautiful picture of Joey, healthy and full of life, with a beautiful smile on her face. The images scroll, and there are multiple photos of the country star enduring chemotherapy and in her hospital bed, fragile and weak. The images are heart-wrenching knowing that the family must be devastated when they considered just a few months ago, Joey was a vibrant and healthy young woman.