“House Of Style” Making A Return To MTV

“House of Style” was a mainstay on MTV throughout the 1990s, and now the fashion-centric show will be making a return to the network airing across multiple platforms.

The show, which will contain a mix of new and archived footage, will air live on MTV’s style blog with new video shorts uploaded each week, Reuters reported. For viewers not old enough to remember “House of Style” or missed it during its 90s run, MTV will air a documentary about the original show on Aug. 7, with full programming starting Oct. 9.

“House of Style” will be a bit of an experiment for MTV, with the series including everything from posts on Tumblr to uploaded videos and even content on Instagram. Videos will also air on network television, but MTV officials haven’t said when that might happen, Reuters reporter.

“The idea is that new episodes will be TV, mobile, web, Instagram… everywhere that you can put informational media, ‘House of Style’ will appear,” Dave Sirulnick, executive vice president of MTV News and Docs told TheWrap.

Viewers will be able to check out 58 of the original 72 episodes starting Tuesday, with short descriptions recapping the show and explaining its current significance, Reuters reported. The original “House of Style” was hosted at different points by Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn and Molly Sims.

“There’s nostalgia for the series, so we went deep into the archives,” Sophia Rai, vice president of production for MTV Digital, told TheWrap. “We spent the last six months to a year scouring not just all the episodes that aired but unaired footage, and there was some amazing stuff we have that never made it onto the show.”

“House of Style” will be aimed at the 12- to 24-year-old audience, MTV officials said, a group that is “fashionable and stylish, where style, fashion and design inform their lives everyday.”