Niall Horan In Los Angeles Or Golfing In Thailand?

On March 3 it became unclear if Niall Horan was in Los Angeles or if he had officially given up on attention from fame to place his focus on the one thing he seems to love above all else -- golf.

According to Gossie, Eoghan McDermott is rumored to be in Thailand to hanging out with Niall Horan as of March 2. However, Eoghan McDermott is a news reporter … and he could be with Niall Horan on a mutually beneficial business meetup.

As it appears, if Niall Horan is truly a golf fan, Thailand is the travel destination of over 250 golf courses, according to Golf In A Kingdom. Surely Niall Horan, as the founder of a new golf talent management agency, will be paying close attention to any place that involves large amounts of the word "golf."

Regardless, could there be other golfing reasons that bring Eoghan McDermott and Niall Horan to Thailand? Eoghan dished about Niall Horan in September 2015 to the Ireland Herald and said that he is often tired of being referred to as "Niall Horan's friend" because he has a job as a radio show host.

Golf business may be Niall Horan's main goal in Thailand.
Niall Horan may still be in Thailand to go golfing or conduct important golf business. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

Nevertheless, it is not likely that Eoghan is with Niall Horan to work as a sports radio host for golfing events -- but this does not mean that Eoghan is avoiding a career move.

When Eoghan talked about his future outside of just being a buddy of Niall Horan's, he stated "I'd love to get into [presenting]. It would be a fun job and if I could do something relating to fashion that would be great."

Interestingly, there is a key event happening in Thailand that pertains to the golf masters tournaments that Niall Horan has been associated with in the past.

What actually may be bringing Eoghan McDermott or Niall Horan to Thailand for business or pleasure as it pertains to golf is that there will be two major event weeks in Thailand from March 6 to 19 in the cities of Pattaya and Hua Hin. The wins from these amateur golf events are crucial to being a part of events like the PGA Tour championship series.

According to Asia Golf Week, the name of the event is the European Tour: True Thailand Classic, and part of it will take place at the Black Mountain Golf Club -- and that means Eoghan McDermott is meeting up with Niall Horan in Thailand just in time.

Niall Horan fans might meet him at a golf event.
Fans that want to meet Niall Horan may only get to do it if they seem him at a golf event. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

On the other hand, Eoghan McDermott may have already left Thailand, and there are also other indications that Niall Horan is rumored to be in Los Angeles as of March 3, according to @WW1DUpdates.

Around 8 P.M. EST, on March 3, Twitter accounts started re-posting a picture of Niall Horan with a fan and it was captioned with "Niall at the observatory in L.A. today."

When rumors about the whereabouts of Niall Horan and Eoghan McDermott are reviewed at their sources, it does appear that there is some leeway for Niall to be in Los Angeles.

According to Eoghan McDermott's Instagram account, the picture of him with Niall Horan was posted around March 2 and referred to hanging out during the previous week.

This means that it is possible that Niall Horan jumped on a plane with Eoghan McDermott around March 3 and could have in fact been in Los Angeles.

Naturally, the real pictures that Niall Horan fans want to see on social media pertain to Uncle Niall cuddling up with Louis Tomlinson's son. So far, there have been no reports that Niall Horan has intended to visit Louis Tomlinson or his son in Los Angeles since Freddie was born on January 22.

[Picture by Ian Walton/Getty Images]