$3 Pregnancy Test Dispensers Headed To Minnesota Bars

Dan Evon

Need to take a pregnancy test? Don't want to go the pharmacy? Well, soon you won't have to. Several Minnesota bars will be installing $3 pregnancy test dispensers so you can find out about your future while you have a relaxing drink.

Healthy Brains for Children, a Brainerd-based non-profit, announced its plan to get more pregnancy test dispensers in bars and restaurants on Thursday. The group hopes that the cheap and easily accessible pregnancy tests will prevent more cases of fetal alcohol syndrome.

According to the Star Tribune, Pub 500 in Mankato will be the first bar in Minnesota to install the new dispensers.

Pub 500 proprietor, Tom Fredrik, said:

"It took about 30 seconds to say yes..... If it gives you an informed decision at that point in time to stop drinking, your baby is going to be better for it."

According to a recent survey by the Centers of Disease Control, one in 13 women said that they drank alcohol while pregnant. One in five of those woman said that they had four drinks or more.

Theresa Carlberg told Kare11:

"If you can buy condoms and whatnot at a bar, it's logical to buy a pregnancy test. It's less embarrassing than going to the drug store. It's discreet, readily available, inexpensive... I hope other restaurants and establishments in our community do the same thing, it's important."

Fredrik said:

"If it prevents one child, well worth it... If you can imagine your children were born with a birth defect that was preventable, yeah, it can tug at your heart-strings real quick."