Rob Kardashian Disses Blac Chyna Haters In New Instagram Post: ‘F*** Y’all’!

Rob Kardashian is deeply in love with Blac Chyna, whether someone likes it or not. He posted a new Instagram picture of Blac Chyna sleeping on the couch, her green hair by the side. See the Instagram post here.

However, it looks like Rob Kardashian’s followers don’t like his relationship with Blac Chyna all that much. “Sorry but you betrayed your family.. And she knows what she’s doing. Good luck it may workout out now but you are not going to last. Poor @kyliejenner,” one follower wrote. The reference to Kylie Jenner was about her boyfriend Tyga, who has a 3-year-old son with Blac Chyna.

However, the Instagram comments ranged from sympathy for Kylie Jenner to sheer ridicule. One comment goes on to say, “Been dating like 3 weeks and he loves her already lol lol”.

Rob Kardashian has been dating Blac Chyna for a very short while now and reports of him settling down are already making rounds. There were reports that suggested Blac Chyna had also been helping Rob Kardashian with the house and the source said she would be living there once it’s up and running. E! Online reports Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna may be moving in together. “Chyna has been helping Rob with the house. She pretty much will be living there once it is up and running,” the source told E! Online. “They both have discussed moving in with each other. They feel this is a fresh house and a fresh start for them.”

And the talks are not limited to moving in alone. Sources have also said that Rob is making room for Chyna’s child. Which is to say that Rob has accepted the kid she has with Tyga, Kylie’s boyfriend. Kylie Jenner is the half-sister of Rob Kardashian.

“Rob is making a room for Chyna’s child… he loves him,” the source added.

Rob’s family hasn’t entirely been cool with his relationship with Blac Chyna. But he hasn’t failed to post messages that indicated he is ready to ditch his family for Blac Chyna. In a rather crude Instagram post, he wrote, “When the p***y good but your family don’t like her so you drop your family and become an orphan.”


But, it’s not clear what the Kardashian family’s take on his relationship with Blac Chyna is after Kris Jenner bought him a home, Inquisitr has reported. Sister Khloe Kardashian’s love-and-hate relationship with Rob Kardashian is something that puzzles everyone. Recently, Khloe had posted a picture that expressed her love for her brother. The New York Daily News reported that Khloe Kardashian posted a picture of her kissing Rob on the cheek. She captioned it, “It’s simple… I miss you.”

However, when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was recently asked if Rob took her advice, she bluntly said, ” I don’t think so. God knows who the f***k he listens to at this point,” E! News has reported.

However, she then went on to say, “He’s working on his fitness journey right now… I’m just really happy that he’s living this mantra that I preach everyday.” She goes on to say, “Whatever puts people on a positive path—that’s the best thing,” NY Daily News reports.


However, it’s clear that Rob Kardashian is unfazed by what his family thinks. He posts loving pictures and videos of Blac Chyna on his Instagram account. He has been very public about the relationship and the pair is often seen together.

Do you think Rob Kardashian should fight to be with Blac Chyna?

[Photo By Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images]