Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Cry Foul Play

After Super Tuesday, everything was looking good for Hillary Clinton and her campaign team. After capturing key victories in Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, the Clinton team had captured a slew of delegates to help boost her ahead of her rival Bernie Sanders.

After Tuesday, her total delegate count now stands at 1,052, with only 1,200 more to go in order to secure the Democratic nomination, according to the New York Times. The Clinton team is looking to carry this momentum forward into the next round of primary voting, which will take place in Kansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska on March 5. Unfortunately for the Clinton team, these results do not come without controversy.

Following the excitement of Tuesday’s primary elections, many Americans are calling “foul play” in reaction to Clinton’s win in Massachusetts. The controversy is due to the appearance of Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, at key polling sites in Boston, Massachusetts. This has prompted reminders from campaign officials that the Clinton team is not permitted to solicit votes at polling locations.

According to multiple reports, former president Bill Clinton made his way inside a polling station at the Holy Name Parish School’s gymnasium in West Roxbury. He also entered a polling station in Newton and attended events outside of a polling location in New Bedford. Following these appearances, a conglomerate of photos and videos have now surfaced online. These videos showcase former President Clinton greeting and fraternizing with prospective voters at these key polling locations.

This appearance from Mr. Clinton has many pundits up in arms, some going as far as to call for the arrest of Mr. Clinton for breaking key Massachusetts voting laws. The statute in question reads as follows.


“ELECTION DAY LEGAL SUMMARY PUBLISHED BY: WILLIAM FRANCIS GALVIN SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH ELECTIONS DIVISION ONE ASHBURTION PLACE, ROOM 1705 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02108 617-727-2828 or 1-800-462-8683 Activities in the Polling Location On Election Day, certain activities are prohibited within the polling location and within 150 feet of the polling place. General Law chapter 54, section 65 prohibits within 150 feet of a polling location, among other things, the posting, exhibition, circulation, or distribution of material–including pasters, stickers, posters, cards, handbills, placards, pictures or circulars–intended to influence the action of the voter. G. L. 54, § 65 (1998 ed.).”

According to CNBC, many critics of the Clinton campaign argue that Bill’s appearance is a clear and deliberate violation of these established voting laws. Emotions continue to flare as the Democratic primary continues to heat up, resulting in the creation of a petition on calling for the arrest of Mr. Clinton for his alleged violation of the law in question. This petition has gained a significant amount of traction and has already gained a whopping 45,000 signatures in just under 48 hours. The demographic for the petition seems to be one-sided, however, as the top comment on the petition reads “I am 100 percent done with the cheating Clintons. They need to be stopped before they destroy our country. #BernieOrBust.”