Zayn Malik: Gigi Hadid Worried He Will Cheat On Her?

Zayn Malik does not really have a great record when it comes to being faithful. Before he was with Gigi Hadid, rumors had hit his and Perrie Edwards' relationship. Hollywood Life reported that Gigi Hadid is now stressing over Zayn going on tour, which starts March 1. It's not as if Gigi has told Zayn anything of that nature, but she is surely beginning to stress over it. "Gigi would never say anything to Zayn, but she is secretly starting to stress out over his upcoming tour," an insider told Hollywood Life.

Zayn is doing all he can to keep her happy. He even flew down to Milan to be with her, to allay her fears. Then what is it exactly that is keeping her awake all night?
"She obviously knows his past and knows that thousands of beautiful girls will be throwing themselves at him when he hits the road. Who wouldn't be worried?"
That's right, this reference is being made to many of Zayn's conquests while he was still in a relationship with Perrie Edwards. Several cheating allegations hit their relationship, and Perrie Edwards didn't quite know what to believe anymore.
Zayn had put her ex in a situation where she was not able to live the private life she desired.

"Perrie trusts Zayn wholeheartedly, and if he says he's never cheated she believes it, but she's doesn't know whether to stand by her man or leave him," the source said. "She can't live the private life she wants to at the moment with all the cameras following her, and that infuriates her, too," Hollywood Life had reported.

Does the same fate await Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's relationship? Well, the sources say that Zayn loves her and often makes her feel like a princess. And she knows there is nothing to worry about, but she is feeling the pangs of anxiety because of the long distance relationship once Zayn goes on tour from March 1. "The good thing is that Zayn totally dotes on her and makes her feel like a princess," the source told Hollywood Life. "She knows she has nothing to worry about, but at the same time she can't help but feel a little anxious over having a long distance relationship once he kicks off his tour."

It's true that the two love each other very much and don't refrain from showing it when need be. Zayn Malik made sure he was with her when she was alone in Milan. Gigi Hadid is in Milan for the fashion week, and it seemed like Zayn Malik cared enough to fly down and see her before his tour kicks off.

However, reports have also emerged that it's not just Gigi who worries about Zayn's cheating. Zayn himself keeps her under strict curfew, OK!had reported. The source says "He wants her to be back in her hotel room by midnight when they're apart." However, he himself has been spotted leaving a Warwick club really late in the night.

The inside source also said that Zayn would never trust Gigi. Zayn makes sure that he is the last person she talks to before she goes to bed. And although that may sound sweet, it puts her under pressure. "Zayn doesn't trust [Gigi Hadid], but he would never admit it," the source said. "Instead, he's playing with her mind by telling her he wants to be the last person she speaks to when she goes to bed. This might sound romantic, but his ulterior motive is keeping tabs on her when she's out of town."

Do you think Zayn Malik will cheat again?

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