PETA Petition to put 10 Tons of Pig Poop on Ohio Statehouse Steps Denied

Duncan Riley

Ahhh, our old friends over at PETA (People for the Ethical blah blah...) applied to the Ohio Capital Square Review and advisory board recently for permission to put 3,500 gallons of pig excrement and urine on the Ohio Statehouse steps, along with fans to spread the smell around. They were, of course, denied.

PETA retaliated by submitting a letter to the Statehouse Executive Director requesting a formal review of the denial. The premise behind their smelly protest was to bring awareness that swine flu and other diseases are spread from animals to humans on crowded pig farms. Their message was to be that the only real way to protect the health of humans was to go vegetarian. No demand for pigs = no pig farms.

It would have been interesting to watch a crowd of vegetarians unloading about 10 tons of pig crap and throwing it around on a hot muggy day though.