Charlie Hunnam Returning For The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel? Don’t Count On It, Actor Claims ‘It’s Time To Move On RIP, Jax Teller’

Following the end of his newest series, The Bastard Executioner, fans can’t wait for Kurt Sutter to jump back into the Sons of Anarchy world. While Sutter has already confirmed an upcoming prequel to the hit biker drama, the biggest question remaining is whether or not Charlie Hunnam will reprise his role as Jax Teller. Considering his latest comments, fans shouldn’t count on Hunnam making a cameo this time around.

During an interview with GQ, Hunnam opened up about how much his role as Jax meant to him. Not only did he portray Jax in front of the cameras, but the actor also lived certain aspects of his character. This included wearing similar clothes and riding a motorcycle throughout the seven years the series was on the air.

Charlie Hunnam starred as Jax Teller on 'Sons of Anarchy' for seven seasons. [Image via Instagram]
Charlie Hunnam starred as Jax Teller on 'Sons of Anarchy' for seven seasons. [Image via Instagram]

“I put everything I had into that show. I lived it as much as I could,” Hunnam explained. “I never got in a car the whole seven years. I was only on my bike and rolling around with a bunch of real bikers and occasionally acting like a maniac.”

The final season of Sons of Anarchy featured the death of Hunnam’s character and an end to his tragic storyline. Considering the influence of his character, Hunnam admitted that it was really difficult letting Jax go. However, despite the heartache, Hunnam has moved on with his life and career.

“But saying good-bye to the character was a motherfucker. As stupid as it sounds, it really felt like a genuine bereavement, because he was this guy that I loved and hung out with constantly for seven years,” he stated. “It was a lot tears for, like, two or three weeks, every time I thought about it. Then one day, I woke up and was like, ‘Okay, it’s time to move on. RIP, Jax Teller.'”

Meanwhile, the International Business Times is reporting that Sutter is currently working on the Sons of Anarchy prequel. The series is expected to focus on the early days of SAMCRO and the development of the motorcycle club.

Charlie Hunnam in one of his final scenes as Jax Teller in the series finale. [Image via FX]
Charlie Hunnam in his final scenes as Jax Teller in the series finale. [Image via FX]

Although Charlie Hunnam might not appear in the new series, there is a possibility that Brad Pitt could make an appearance as Jax’s father, John Teller. This hasn’t been confirmed by Sutter or the network, although Hunnam did mention it in an interview with Men’s Journal.

“He’s [show creator Kurt Sutter] trying to do a prequel, which I would love to see. Kurt is trying to get it going. Did you read that about Brad Pitt maybe playing my dad? Brad Pitt as John Teller. How awesome would that be?” Hunnam stated.

While Sutter crafts another storyline in the Sons of Anarchy world, Hunnam has moved on to new projects. According to Just Jared, this includes his role in the upcoming film American Drug Lord. Hunnam is set to play the part of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, a real life Mexican-American drug kingpin.

At the same time, the Daily Mail is reporting that Hunnam’s success in Hollywood has led him to purchase a home in L.A. with his girlfriend, Morgana McNelis. In fact, the two were recently spotted out and about in L.A. shopping for furniture.

Hunnam and McNelis have been together for a number of years now. Although they tend to keep their private lives out of the public eye, McNelis recently opened up about her romance with Hunnam.

“I think the key to maintaining a good balance is creating a safe space within the relationship for both partners in which to grow and evolve,” she explained. “It’s very important to be present and participate in each other’s experiences so that falling in love doesn’t happen just once, it continues to happen over and over.”

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