'Nightmare Nurse': Lifetime Sizzles With Killer Nurse Movie Starring Traci Lords, Sarah Butler

Traciy Reyes

Nightmare Nurse is a sizzling new Lifetime television movie that makes its striking debut this weekend. Known for providing dedicated viewers with their favorite movies, Lifetime presents the story of a lovely couple whose lives are turned upside down after a beautiful but dangerous nurse comes on the scene. Nightmare Nurse is directed by Craig Moss and written by Jake Helgren. The cast includes Rene Ashton as Gwen, Sarah Butler as Brooke, Michael Finn as Paul, Steven Good as Lance, Lindsay Harley as Chloe, Traci Lords as Barb, Jessica Morris as Connie, Nate Scholz as James, Julian Stone as Marco, and David Starzyk as Detective Thames.


Nightmare Nurse movie synopsis

Lifetime's Nightmare Nurse brings you up close and personal with Brooke and Lance, a lovely couple who is celebrating Brooke's recent promotion and the fact that they have been living together for one week without any major fights. Life for this duo is going well until a terrible car accident sends their lives into a tailspin. At the hospital, Brooke is awakened by a nurse who informs her that Lance has been seriously injured and is in surgery. Not being able to remember everything that happened, Brooke eventually tells them that she remembers a man crossing the road in front of them just before they hit him, which is strange since Brooke and Lance are the only people who were transported to the hospital.

With Lance's upcoming release, it's important that Brooke finds a competent nurse who can look after her man while she works. And it seems that she finds just what she needs in Chloe, a beautiful dark-haired vixen who is ready to nurse the ailing man back to health. Lance thinks he's struck gold until his health begins to decline after he is administered several doses of Oxycontin, leading Brooke to wonder if his nurse is harming him. Her suspicions are confirmed, when a phone call from a stranger indicates that the beautiful home caregiver is not who she seems. Soon, the unveiling of a vicious plot will reveal that one of these hospital nurses is out to exact revenge.


Nightmare Nurse May Not Be Real, But The Deadly Side Effects Of Oxycontin Are!

Oxycontin is a very strong drug with a long list of side effects and warnings for those who've been prescribed the medication. While trying to manage the pain for a single problem, many often become addicted to it in the process. In addition to cases in the United States, Canada is seeing an increase in Oxycontin deaths over the years. Betty-Lou Kristy, a mother of a man who died from an accidental overdose, advises people to talk with their doctors before they are prescribed the medication. According to CBS News, she stated the following.

"If you're getting prescribed an opioid, have a good, solid discussion with your doctor. Make sure it's an informed choice. For students and youth, don't experiment. These are unforgiving."

Killer Nurse True Story

As for killer nurses, there are many true stories that have made headline news. Take a look at the case of Charles Cullen, a nurse who killed more than 40 people with lethal doses of medication.


In popular entertainment, the Lifetime movie Widow on the Hill told the story of a seductive nurse who killed her handsome male patient with an overdose of drugs in order to inherit his ranch and his millions. That movie was said to be based on Donna Somerville, a nurse who was accused of killing her patient, and eventual husband, Hamilton Somerville, of Virginia. Somerville was eventually found not guilty in the case and is now a free woman.

Nightmare Nurse is an intriguing crime thriller that was filmed in Los Angles, California, and produced by Cartel Pictures and MarVista Entertainment with Fernando Szew as executive producer. Get in on the drama, suspense, and mystery of #NightmareNurse this Saturday, March 5 at 8 p.m., on Lifetime. Last weekend, the Inquisitr reported on the Lifetime Movie Network movie Cruel and Lifetime Television's Suicide Note.

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