‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick And The Survivors Chase After Negan – Will Carol or Maggie Die In Season 6?

Season 6 of The Walking Dead is starting to ramp up the excitement as we head toward the final episodes. Negan still hasn’t shown his terrorizing face, but fans know a sighting is imminent. The buzz surrounding Negan’s arrival is starting to really get deafening, and fans are wondering who the leader of the Saviors is going to kill before it’s all over. With just five episodes of TWD left, here are some spoilers and a bit of speculation based on what we already know about Rick, Negan, and the epic battle that will probably leave Season 6 in a huge cliffhanger.

In the trailer for Season 6, Episode 12, “Not Tomorrow Yet,” we see Rick rallying the troops in Alexandria. The leader of the survivors gives a riveting speech about why they must set out and kill a perfectly healthy person rather than defend themselves from walkers on their quest to survive. Their share of half the stock at the Hilltop colony depends on it, which means their survival depends on killing Negan, because they are almost out of food. Unfortunately, this also means that Rick, Daryl and the rest of the survivors will become the biggest enemy of Negan and the Saviors, and that means someone will die and it’s going to be brutal.

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple said recently that Negan may show up before the Season 6 finale and we’re pretty sure that is the case but it may not happen in “Not Tomorrow Yet.” The first clue is the name of the episode as well as the brief synopsis for the following week on IMDB that says, “The gang is attacked by Negan in this shocking episode.”

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We know that Negan is very close and in Episode 12, there will be a run-in with Negan’s men, at least. Fox International released a spoiler earlier in the week that differed a lot from the ones seen in the U.S. In it, we not only learn that Carol is having somewhat of a breakdown. Fans also learn that Carol is going to run off from the group, with Maggie following behind. This is such a horrible idea with Negan on the loose, and it ends up getting them both captured.

In the very short promo, The Walking Dead fans can see Rick and the survivors holding another group at gunpoint, and we’re guessing it’s Negan’s men. All of the sudden there is a woman’s voice on a speaker saying, “We have a Carol and a Maggie, I’m thinking that’s something you want to talk about.” Will Carol and Maggie survive their captors? We know that Maggie makes it to the finale, at least, because Lauren Cohan has talked about filming it.

What about Carol? The TWD original has been with Rick and the survivors since Season 1, and she’s come a long way. In the same promo above, Carol is seen writing down the initials of the people that she’s killed in a diary where she is literally taking a body count. It seems that she is taking the deaths of Sam, Ron, and Jessie pretty hard, and probably does feel responsible. There have been a few times in the history of The Walking Dead where fans thought Carol might be the next to die, but she always seems to escape. Will she survive now?

From the comics, we’ve learned that the brutish Negan doesn’t kill women and children, but he could make an exception after Alexandria and the Hilltop join forces and try to take him out. This isn’t how this scene went down in the comics, so there are still a few possibilities. It looks like at least Maggie will get to go back with her group to Alexandria, but will Carol get to go home, too?

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