‘Finding Dory’: New Trailer Has More Questions Than Answers [Video]

Finding Dory has a new trailer, which was debuted during Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, according to Forbes. The trailer doesn’t give away much of the plot, as it’s rather a brief introduction to the story.

But as noted by Scott Mendelson, a contributor to Forbes, “Pixar trailers usually don’t give away the story if they don’t have to.”

By the time Finding Dory hits theaters this summer, 13 years will have passed since the first movie, Finding Nemo, was released.

And still after 13 years, Finding Nemo is one of the most popular Pixar animated movies of all time. And while Finding Nemo is, in Mendelson’s opinion, Pixar’s “most objectively perfect film,” Finding Dory could become the biggest movie of this summer in America or even across the world.

Even though Finding Dory will be up against Independence Day: Resurgence this summer, the chances of it becoming the highest-grossing film of this summer are pretty high. And even though it lacked adult humor (while Pixar’s Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles offered quite a few adult jokes), Finding Nemo became popular among all age groups thanks to its storytelling, friendly humor, and stunning visuals.

Finding Dory opens in the U.S. on June 17, 2016.

Watch the newly released Finding Dory trailer above.

While Dory in Finding Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, who showed the animated film’s new trailer on her show Wednesday, it also features the voice of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Kaitlin Olson.

Olson voices a whale shark named Destiny, who appears to be a character from Dory’s mysterious past. The reason she was invited to voice the character is simple: the director loves her voice, according to Cinema Blend.

In his interview with Yahoo TV, Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton revealed why he invited Olson to be a part of the upcoming 3D animated film that hits theaters this summer. According to Stanton, who worked on Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and many other Pixar films, he had wanted to work with Olson ever since he first saw her and “especially since I heard her” in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

“There’s a term, ‘the camera loves them’. There’s also people where the microphone loves them, and the animator in you comes out, and you say, ‘I’d love to animate to that voice’. She has one of those voices.”

Meanwhile, Finding Dory fans are already compiling lists of the things they would like to see in the upcoming 3D animated film, according to the Daily Emerald.

Firstly, fans would love more answers in Finding Dory, including answers regarding why Dory knows how to speak whale and English. The fans would also like to know more about Dory’s past, although it may be difficult, as the forgetful protagonist might not even know the answers to all those things.

Secondly, Finding Dory fans demand to see more Bruce. The giant fish is practically the face of the franchise, judging by posters for Finding Nemo. Thirdly, fans seem to want the animated film to be more brutal and be more of a predator-prey drama.

Also, fans of Finding Dory would like to see more evil humans in the film through, for example, a field of unexploded mines or a giant net that nearly catches the main characters. Two elements that are expected from the upcoming Pixar film are more ocean shots and more of Thomas Newman’s music.

Thomas Newman’s music was an integral part of Finding Nemo, and since he’s also the composer for Finding Dory, there is a high chance that the fans will once again be delighted by his music.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]