Anna Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Fueled By ‘Bump’ Photo On Duggar Family Blog

Anna Duggar has been through a lot over the last year. Her husband, Josh Duggar, disgraced his entire family when admitting to cheating on his wife and being addicted to pornography. This was not the first incident Anna had to deal with, but it was likely the most hurtful. After deciding to stand behind her man, Anna Duggar agreed that rehab was the right choice for him. He has been a patient at a facility in Illinois for several months now, with visits from family allowed a few times. Anna Duggar has been the focus of harsh criticisms and rumors since making her decision to stand behind her husband. More recently, Anna Duggar pregnancy rumors have been creeping up, and they may be true!

A lot of hype has been surrounding Anna Duggar remaining at the Duggar compound while her husband is away. Fans wanted her to leave Josh and seek help for herself, but she ultimately chose to stay in her marriage and repair what was broken. According to Hollywood Life, Anna Duggar will be appearing on the new Duggar show, Jill and Jessa: Counting On. It will return to the TLC network on March 15. While it is not focused on Anna Duggar or Josh, it will be talking about where they are in their relationship now. In recent weeks, the entire family has been seen out and about, doing press for the upcoming premiere. That includes Anna, who has lost significant weight. She stepped out back in February looking more fit than ever before.

I got to meet one of my heroes tonight! @priscillashirer #theferventtour

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Pregnancy rumors have plagued Anna Duggar since the scandal with Josh broke. From her leaving him and filing for divorce to her getting pregnant again while he was in rehab, there is nothing that fans haven’t heard over and over again. The pregnancy rumors for Duggar are some that have a possibility of being true. She has been seeing her husband in Illinois on occasion, and there has reportedly been relations allowed during the visits. If she is, indeed, pregnant again, this will be the fifth child for Josh Duggar and his wife. Anna’s youngest daughter was born last year, in the midst of all the chaos the Duggar family was facing.

The latest indication that a pregnancy for Anna Duggar could be possible comes from the Duggar Family blog. Their latest update was a fun one, with each of the Duggar family members sharing their favorite food choice. Anna Duggar was photographed next to Jana, appearing with what looks like a small baby bump. Immediately, speculation spread like wildfire. There has been no announcement about Anna Duggar being pregnant, but it could be happening. With Jill and Jessa: Counting On beginning to air soon, a pregnancy announcement would certainly help to boost the ratings. Could this be a publicity ploy?

#HappyMothersDay to all the Moms out there -- even Moms of pre-born lil ones! #prolifegen

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Fans are looking forward to seeing the entire Duggar family back on television. Anna and Josh will likely not be filmed together, especially since he is still in rehab. It has not even been confirmed if he will or will not make an appearance, but Anna is definitely part of filming the show. If the rumors of pregnancy are true, Duggar would likely only be a few months along. She visited her husband back in December around Christmas, and that is the last time the media has reported on it. At that point, she would be in the very early second trimester, or just finishing out the first. Whether or not Anna Duggar is pregnant with baby number five is yet to be confirmed, but fans have vowed to support her and the family no matter what the circumstances may be.

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