‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Turns To Dr. Hayden For Help, Sasha Pursues Zende, And Bill Pleads With His Wife

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday’s show detail that there will be more tension for Katie as she continues to struggle with her sister’s betrayal, and viewers will see Sasha making another move on Zende. Nicole is still shattered by the split with him, and she knows that he will likely find someone new soon. How will she react when she eventually finds out how quickly Sasha put herself in that position?

Katie has been in a severe downward spiral ever since hearing Brooke tell Bill that he was the love of her life. Both Brooke and Bill have tried numerous times to smooth things over with her, but she has not been able to shake this off. In addition, Bold and Beautiful viewers know that Katie only knows a portion of all that has truly transpired in recent weeks with her husband and her sister.

Previews for Thursday’s show detail that Katie will sit down to talk with someone about her struggles, seemingly someone who is not already familiar with her family dynamics. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central indicate that Chris McKenna begins his new role during this episode, so it seems that this is who she is talking with during the preview clip.

Viewers may recognize Chris McKenna from the time he spent on The Young and the Restless as Detective Mark Harding or from his role as Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased that McKenna’s new character may come into the mix of things to become a love interest for one of the Logan sisters.

Reports indicate that McKenna will play a character named Dr. Hayden, and viewers will be anxious to see just where things head with him. From the looks of things, he may be a therapist who works with Katie to help her handle the feelings of betrayal she’s grappling with in regards to Brooke’s confession to Bill. It’s not known how long McKenna will be hanging around, but could his role of therapist soon transition to something more?

Thursday’s episode also brings more with Zende and Sasha. He decided that he simply could not handle being Nicole’s boyfriend as she continued through her surrogacy for Rick and Maya, and the young couple tearfully split. It took virtually no time at all for Sasha to swoop in to try to take Nicole’s place before everybody’s tears were even dry.

Zende has already resisted Sasha’s advances previously, but will he cave now that he is no longer dating Nicole? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps note that he will be feeling vulnerable, and apparently Sasha will be getting even more aggressive and things may progress to that next level.

Nicole will be chatting with someone in this next show, noting that Zende is a great guy, and she is sure he will not be alone for long. Viewers can surely expect an epic battle when it becomes clear how intent Sasha is on scooping up Zende as she continues to make her mark in Los Angeles.

While Katie may be able to talk relatively calmly with someone else, presumably Dr. Hayden, about the issues with Brooke, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that she will be having an emotional argument with Bill over this all once again. He wants her to let go of her anger toward Brooke, thinking she’s carrying things too far.

However, she is adamant that her feelings are valid and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Bill will insist that nothing happened. Will she ever learn that there was a bit more to this latest interlude between Brooke and Bill than she’s been told so far?

Will Zende cave to Sasha’s offer of intimacy? Will Katie and Bill be able to survive these latest troubles? There is plenty more chaos on the way as this all plays out on The Bold and the Beautiful, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next.

[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]