Pittsburgh Steelers A Possibility For Adam Jones

When free agency is in the air, things start to get weird. Owners and general managers say things that are assumed to be set in stone. Less than a week later, those same quotes are just forgotten ramblings. But the Bengals’ Adam Jones has said he could entertain the thought of playing for a hated rival. Jones has mentioned that his agent is fielding offers from other teams. Could one of them be the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jones is going to be 33-years-old when he steps onto any football field this season. He has been able to keep himself in top physical condition. Looking at Jones is like seeing the body of a cornerback in his prime. His performance for the Bengals in 2015 was one of his best, and other teams have noticed. There’s a strong possibility that Jones could find himself in another uniform. Cincinnati hasn’t entered negotiations with him yet.

“I know there’s a lot of other teams that have been contacting my agent,” Jones stated, explaining his status via Bleacher Report. “Saying that if I don’t get re-signed there is going to be other places I can go.”

Pittsburgh Possibility
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Jones understands that his time is limited. He has made it known that he would like to test the free agent waters. Assuming the Bengals and Jones can come to an agreement, it would be his fourth since donning the Orange and Black in 2010. If things don’t work out, Jones is ready to explore his options.

“I truly love it here in Cincinnati. I want to be here. Obviously, if things are right, I’ll stay here. If not, I have to do what I have to do. I still have to take care of my family.”

Off-field incidents contributed to the rocky start of a career that first took Jones to Tennessee and Dallas. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis felt Jones was worthy of a second chance. Since coming to Cincinnati, Jones has made more headlines for his on-field performance. Some of that zeal has been notice by opponents and the NFL.

In the Bengals season opener, Jones was part of a questionable play. After being jabbed in the throat by Raiders receiver Amari Cooper, Jones retaliated. At the end of a Raiders play, Jones fell on top of Cooper, ripped off his helmet, and slammed his head into it. That bit of action resulted in a $35,000 fine from the league, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Jones’ last minute meltdown in the Bengals Wild Card game against the Steelers was the bookend foul to his season. Other than that, his year was one that resulted in a Pro Bowl appearance.

“Adam’s been great. He’s been great all year,” defensive coordinator Paul Guenther said. “He’s played his butt off. He had a really good year.”

Pittsburgh Possibility
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Concerning his playing for the Steelers, Jones keeps an open mind. He would rather play for a team that plays against Pittsburgh, but he knows he has to keep his options in perspective. Per Pro Football Talk, Jones was candid about the topic.

“Would I play for the Steelers? I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t play for the Steelers. I don’t have no problem with the Steelers but that would be hard for me to do that though. I would prefer to play for a team that play against the Steelers.”

Though hated by the Steelers, some analysts feel Jones would be a perfect fit. He would provide stability in a Pittsburgh secondary that was frequently torched. With the negativity surrounding him, Jones may not be out of the price range for a team looking for help immediately.

Wherever Adam Jones plays next year, hopefully he brings his lockdown brand of football.

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