‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Diane Has A Plan To Help Morgan, Sonny And Carly Tensions Escalate, And Maxie Helps Nina

What is set to happen in Port Charles during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that there will be tense moments between Carly and Sonny while Diane steps in to try to help Morgan. Maxie is still trying to figure out exactly what the story is regarding Claudette, and fans know that the truth on this matter is likely going to shake things up significantly for “Naxie.”

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Nathan tried to cover for his muttering that he loves Claudette by saying she was a poodle he had a few years back. However, he is scrambling to cover his tracks, as it is obvious that his sister and mother have more information on Claudette that he is hoping they will not reveal to Maxie.

General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that the conversation between Nina and Maxie will continue on Thursday’s show, but it seems that for now, Nathan’s sis will keep what she knows about Claudette to herself. However, it seems that the two may talk about some other topics in this chat as well. It seems that Maxie may be dishing out some advice to her boss, and the topic of babies will be coming up for Nina in this episode.

Nina has been quite intent on becoming a mother soon, but Franco has been resistant. She brought up the idea of adoption, but Franco quickly shut down the idea. General Hospital spoilers are swirling that it may come out soon that Nina, not Ava, is truly Kiki’s mother, a twist that viewers have been anticipating for some time now. During this show, however, it seems the baby idea comes back around again.

The General Hospital spoiler preview for the next episode shows Nina saying something to Franco about them getting a baby. While viewers will have to tune in to see what this is about, some wonder if Franco is softening to the idea after sitting by Kiki’s bedside and reflecting on the bond he has had with her. Could Nina and Franco move ahead on the idea of adopting after all?

This episode will have some intense conflict brewing for Carly and Sonny. She has been hurt and angry with him for lying about his ability to walk again, but they have had to focus on Morgan since pulling him off of the rooftop after the pier debacle. General Hospital spoilers detail that now the two will be facing some tensions, likely as they try to figure out how to keep their son safe.

Diane will be popping up, and fans always love having her in the mix of things. General Hospital spoilers share that she will be trying to help Morgan, but she knows she is facing an uphill battle. She will talk about how he could be facing attempted murder charges, but it seems she will have a plan that would keep him out of jail. Will Sonny and Carly go along with her idea though?

There will also be a bit of Elizabeth in this show, and it seems she will be telling Jake that she has both good news and bad news for him. So far, General Hospital spoilers have not detailed where things are headed on this front, although it is likely related to his recovery and hopefully heading back to Port Charles soon. As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, there will be some big love scenes between Sam and Jason in Thursday’s episode as well. The two just had some intense discussions about their past and current relationships, and it looks like now it is full-steam ahead.

What is the truth about Claudette? Will Diane manage to keep Morgan out of jail? There is plenty more drama on the way, and viewers cannot wait to see what happens next on General Hospital.

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