Christina Aguilera Kisses Female ‘The Voice’ Contestant, Contestant’s Girlfriend ‘Not Thrilled’ At The Idea

Christina Aguilera locked lips with a contestant during Tuesday’s The Voice show, according to the Daily Mail. Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Pharrell Williams, were, of course, thrilled.

The “Beautiful” singer made out with a female contestant, Kata Hay, after the latter confessed that Christina Aguilera was her first girl crush. Hay, who lives in Tennessee with her girlfriend, performed Gretchen Wilson’s hit song, “Redneck Woman,” to the very last note before any of the coaches spun their chairs around.

After Hay finished the last note of the song, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Pharrell Williams spun their chairs around at the same time, expressing their interest in the contestant. Hay then screamed and went on to hug them all – even Shelton, who didn’t spin his chair around.

And then it happened. Hay confessed that Christina Aguilera was her first girl crush, adding that the “Dirrty” singer is “frickin’ beautiful in person.” The 35-year-old singer then responded that it’s Hay who is “so frickin’ beautiful,” and then she asked the country singer if they should just “make out now and get it over with?”

Delighted, and slightly shocked (who would blame her?), the 28-year-old girl, who lives in Tennessee with her girlfriend, immediately rushed towards Christina Aguilera to lock lips with her. Watching that passionate moment with his mouth wide-open, Pharrell revealed that his dream has just come true.

After the smooch, Christina Aguilera giggled and promised Kata that if she picks her as her coach, “there’s more of that to come.” Kata, who grew up in a trailer park in Oklahoma, became part of the multiple Grammy-winner’s team toward the end of Tuesday’s show. Before signing up for The Voice, Kata was working in a karaoke joint in Nashville.

After the show, Kata admitted that her girlfriend wasn’t exactly “thrilled” about her locking lips with Christina Aguilera.

“I got in a little bit of trouble… but it was totally worth it.”

That romantic moment between Christina Aguilera and Kata happened during The Voice‘s second round of blind auditions in the 10th season of the show.

There have been numerous reports in the media over the years that Christina Aguilera loves to party hard, but now the “Dirrty” singer has reportedly been having a bad influence on her colleague, Blake Shelton.

It was reported by Hollywood Life that Christina Aguilera and Shelton drank alcoholic beverages on set. And while Shelton is currently dating Gwen Stefani, some say that such a relaxed and party-like atmosphere at work doesn’t bode well for their relationship.

But should Stefani be worried about the fact that Christina Aguilera and Shelton are partying on set? Maybe, but it could all just be good fun on set. As reported by Hollywood Life, citing an anonymous source, “Blake loves having Christina around, they have good chemistry together on and off camera.”

And while Blake considers Christina Aguilera to be his drinking partner on The Voice, the source revealed that while Gwen is “sweet and bubbly,” she doesn’t party even nearly as hard as the “Beautiful” singer.

However, as said by the source, “Gwake” fans shouldn’t be worried, since Christina Aguilera has always loved to party, and that “it’s all in good fun.”

“All the judges are friends and it’s like a big family party.”

The source also said that Christina Aguilera has always been getting “wild” during shooting of previous seasons of The Voice, and this season nothing has changed.

“That is not water in those cups on their chairs.”

But could Christina Aguilera get way too “wild” and ruin Blake Shelton’s relationship with Gwen Stefani?

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]