‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: News Of Ben’s Escape Shakes Up Salem, Steve Angles, And Summer And Maggie Cross Paths

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Thursday’s episode will be a juicy one. Abigail and Chad are getting closer and closer to their wedding day, but they are about to face a challenge that could turn everything upside down. In addition, Steve continues to scramble to hide the truth about Ava’s murder. Where are things headed in the March 3 show?

Viewers saw on Tuesday’s show that JJ told Chad that Ben had escaped from the psychiatric facility where he was being held. Obviously, this is going to shake Chad up significantly, and it will surely cause immense stress for Abigail when and if she finds out. Days of Our Lives spoilers via We Love Soaps detail that there is plenty more about Ben’s escape in this next episode.

There have been Days of Our Lives spoilers floating around for a bit now that Robert Scott Wilson would be returning soon in the role of Ben. It is not known at this point how long he will be staying, but he is sure to cause plenty of drama in the time he is in the mix of things. Will he be angling to interfere in Abby and Chad’s lives the second he regains his freedom? As Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, Wilson shared some teasers with Soap Opera Digest, and it seems that Weston may be in a complicated mental state at this point, leading to an unpredictable return.

It seems that Ben may be fairly disconnected and disengaged from all the terror he caused throughout Salem. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that apparently he will still be aware of what he did, and he will be compartmentalizing those memories and trying to live his life as just another somewhat sketchy guy in town. Of course, it is not as if Weston can just throw himself back into a regular life in Salem, as people will be looking for him. It sounds as if he may manage to make this a bit difficult, though.

What will Weston do in his return to Salem? Will this shake-up pave the way to Kate Mansi’s exit as Abigail, which is expected to take place sometime in April? The show has yet to detail whether Mansi will be recast or not, though so far, no Days of Our Lives spoilers have leaked regarding a replacement. Given the DOOL taping schedule, a new actress playing Abby would have started filming already if she were stepping into the role immediately upon Mansi’s exit, and nothing has surfaced yet.

Fans have been wondering for a while now if the show would go so far as to kill off Abigail, and that buzz escalated a bit when Days of Our Lives spoilers emerged that Matthew Ashford will be returning this spring for a handful of episodes to reprise his role as Jack Deveraux, Abby’s dad. With the timing of Ben’s return syncing up more or less with Mansi’s exit and Ashford’s return, it certainly has viewers talking.

Thursday’s episode also brings more with Steve as he tries to stay out of jail for Ava’s murder but protect his son as well. In addition, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Maggie and Summer will cross paths as Brady coordinates with Fynn to get a DNA test done on the newest Salemite.

Will Summer turn out to be Maggie’s daughter? Will Steve stay out of jail? Stay tuned for additional Days of Our Lives spoilers as more information regarding Ben’s return to town emerges.

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