‘Real Housewives’ Star Joanna Krupa Is Planning To Start A Family

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa filmed her last season of the show back in 2013 when she got married to her long-time partner, Romain Zago. The two walked down the aisle during the final episodes of the season, and it was an event attended by many of her friends and family members. Since the show wrapped, Joanna has taken some time off from the reality television spotlight, and many are wondering when this Real Housewives star will start a family.

According to a new report, Joanna Krupa is now revealing that she and Romain are talking about having children, as they have been married for almost three years now. Their anniversary is coming up in June this year, and Romain is already excited about having children. Krupa, on the other hand, wants to plan it out a bit.

“A thousand percent! We’ve been talking about it more and more the last couple of months,” Joanna told the Daily Dish about her marriage, adding, “And I started mentioning it and bringing it up to him after the holidays because I realized how amazing he is. Like when my girlfriend came over with her son and daughter, the way he was playing with the kids, the pure happiness that came out of him and the smile — and you can just see he’s ready. Whenever his brother Facetimes or Skypes with his niece, his eyes just brighten up. So I’m like, ‘Shoot, maybe.’ I will admit I don’t think a thousand percent I’m ready to have a child right now, but the fact that I see my husband like light up, I know it’s the right time. So we’ve been discussing it.”

And it sounds like Romain has really thought about it, because he already knows what he will end up producing. Zago says he will be able to produce an athlete, while Joanna Krupa is more concerned about the pregnancy itself. While he’s ready to have more than one child, Krupa says that she wants to have one child and then see how it goes. She’s concerned what the pregnancy could do to her body, and she just wants to see what happens during the first pregnancy.

“So within the next year we’re definitely gonna be planning some babies,” the former Real Housewives star reveals, adding, “He wants to do back-to-back children, but I’m like, ‘Hey dude, let’s focus on the first one. Let’s see how the pregnancy goes. It’s my body. Let me decide.’ And he’s like ‘My sperm’s the Michael Phelps of sperm, so I want only athletes. I want a Maria Sharapova and I want Pete Sampras, that’s it. I want those really famous athletes. That’s what I’m going to produce.’ I’m like ‘OK, baby.'”

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It sounds like fans will be able to see a new Real Housewives baby over the next couple of years. Since leaving The Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa has been modeling and working as an animal activist. It is no secret that she helps animals whenever possible, and she often adopts dogs whenever she can. When she was filming The Real Housewives of Miami, she would often film with her many animals and show her advocacy for animal rights. Krupa recently shared her newest PETA ad, which slams people who skin sheep for wool.

“I had no idea that people were so cruel,” Krupa recently revealed about her new PETA ad, according to In Touch. “They beat these sheep in these wool farms. Some of them get slammed, break their necks — millions of them each year. They end up dying. They’re shearing the animals so quickly that they cut them open sometimes, and they sew them without any painkillers.”

What do you think of Joanna Krupa preparing to have children in the coming years?

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