Kesha & Taylor Swift Branded As Witches By Dr. Luke’s Sister Amid Rape Lawsuit Scandal

Dr. Luke’s sister, Vezna Gottwald, has branded Kesha and her many supporters — including Taylor Swift — a bunch of witches, following reports that the shamed music producer had allegedly drugged and raped the 29-year-old throughout her career.

Kesha is nothing but a liar, Vezna gushed to the Daily Mail, stressing that her brother would never sexually assault someone. If anyone knows her sibling as well as she does, they will realise that he’s a good person, and that the claims that have been made against him are vicious lies to ruin his reputation.

Gottwald is said to be speaking out against Kesha’s claims of sexual abuse, having seen the dozens of celebrities that have come to the singer’s defense. Vezna continues by stressing that she has been left puzzled as to why the likes of Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift are supporting someone who is allegedly basing her story on nothing but lies.

She tells the outlet, “I was kind of like a mother figure to him growing up and he is the nearest and dearest to my heart, so I know better than anyone how ridiculous these allegations are.” Dr. Luke’s older sister then goes on to add that the reason why her brother has not been able to clear his name in public, is simply down to the fact that he can’t.

As the lawsuit continues to heat up, Dr. Luke is silencing himself from the speculation and rumors until the court comes to a final conclusion, which he hopes will see him win the case fair and square. He hasn’t said much in public, but behind closed doors, Luke is said to be livid over the allegations, telling friends and family that Kesha’s claims are completely false.

“He can’t speak out and he didn’t want me to speak out because he thought I would get too emotional, but he is my little brother,” Gottwald continued.

She then goes on to make some unpleasant remarks against Kesha’s Hollywood supporters, referring to them as witches, adding, “Taylor Swift gave all this money, but it is such a shame that real women that have suffered and gone through that, don’t get to see that money. It’s like the Salem witch trials, but we know who the real witch is behind all this.”

As previously reported, in a recent court hearing, Kesha was told she would not be released from her contract with Sony, stating that the singer can work with other producers if she feels uncomfortable in working with Dr. Luke in the future.

The lawsuit regarding all of the other allegations Kesha has made against her music producer — including rape and drugged to sleep — will be played out in another hearing later this year. If Luke is found guilty of raping Kesha, sources say that her record label will have no choice but to grant her wishes and terminate her contract, having already received thousands of death threats from the 29-year-old’s fans.

Kesha released her last album, Warrior, four years ago, showing just how unhappy she has been on the label since her last studio release. She has the support from her fellow celebrities, but by the look of things, Dr. Luke and his family are not budging, claiming she is nothing but a liar — and a good one at that.

[Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images]