Here’s Why Donald Trump Will Win The U.S. Presidency

The results of Super Tuesday proved that the battle between businessman Donald J. Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a strong possibility for the presidential general elections.

Out of the 11 U.S. states that had their primaries earlier this week, Trump, 69, won in seven of them, increasing his tally of delegates to 319.

But despite the Republican frontrunner’s win, it is still a highly-contested debate whether the TV personality has what it takes to beat Clinton, 68.

According to a report, Clinton is definitely a favorite and has already secured almost half of the delegates needed to win the nomination against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Even though the odds have been going in favor of Clinton during early head-to-head polls against Trump, the Republican candidate is still considered an entirely unique species in the political race.

Fearless and Bold Promises

Unlike most politicians who want to go around problems and try to formulate remedies, Donald Trump wants to hit the issues head on, even if it means resorting to rather questionable methods most of the time.

“I want a big, fat, beautiful tax cut for the middle class,” Trump said regarding tax cuts. “It will make every American family richer. It will create jobs. We’ll win and win. It will be beautiful.”

Despite this promise, it is still unknown where Donald Trump would get the funds to compensate for these cuts.

Even as Trump continues to spew inaccurate and erroneous data and statements, he is seen by his supporters as someone who is not afraid to “tell it like it is.”

Making America Great Again

At the heart of the Donald Trump campaign is the call to make America “great again,” and for the candidate, that means getting rid of the minorities and the Muslims who have illegally entered the country. That is also another reason why he has suggested the building of an American wall near the Mexican border.

However, there are some good points in Trump’s suggestions, especially when he said that the United States will become a “tough country” when he becomes president. In addition to becoming a tough nation, he also said that America will become a fair country as well.

“It’s who I’ve always been. I’m a tough, fair guy,” he said.

History Repeating Itself

Most non-Trump supporters think that the Republican candidate cannot win because of his temperament, unconventional practices, and stance on controversial issues.

However, it is worth noting that in the 1800s, those were exact same reasons why the White House did not allow General Andrew Jackson to become President. Yet in 1828, the American people voted for Jackson to be the young nation’s leader, and that was only the first of his two terms.

It is astounding how many similarities there are between Trump and Jackson, who was also ridiculed and not taken seriously by his fellow candidates at the time. When he became president, he forcibly “deported” Native Americans from Georgia to Oklahoma in the infamous Trail of Tears.

Jackson also “destroyed” the U.S. central banking system, and did not trust any politician during his time in the White House.

Like Trump, Jackson was also sick of the “career” and “professional” politicians who only appeal to the popular desire of the people.

Party Competitiveness

According to a political science professor, Donald Trump will win the general election based on a simple formula.

Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook University in New York states that his formula has a 96 percent success rate and it can be derived easily.

This Stony Brook U Professor Predicts a Donald Trump Victory

“A candidate who does better against the competition within his or her party beats the candidate of the other party,” Norpoth said.

Donald Trump has convincingly won in most of the states that already had their primaries, and Norpoth believes that this competitiveness will translate to the general elections.

[Image by Tom Pennington, Getty Images]