NBA Rumors: Tom Thibodeau Coaching Golden State Warriors

NBA rumors surrounding the future of Tom Thibodeau have been around since he was fired by the Chicago Bulls. Everyone wants to know which NBA team he is going to coach next because he’s really good at what he does. According to Fox Sports, Thibodeau is going to be helping out the Golden State Warriors so that they can improve their defense to the point of repeating as NBA Champions this season.

When the New York Knicks fired Derek Fisher earlier this season, a lot of names were thrown out as his eventual replacement. That usually happens when there’s a head coach opening in the NBA. However, since this is the Knicks that we’re talking about, there’s going to be even more interest. Tom Thibodeau was one of the names mentioned, as he was said to have been interested in the gig since he was a beloved assistant coach under the always animated Jeff Van Gundy.

Former Knicks coach Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher [Photo by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images]

Tom Thibodeau coaching the New York Knicks may or may not happen. Knicks president Phil Jackson is still reportedly interested in bringing a Triangle Offense disciple to be the head coach in New York. Some are even saying that he’s leaning towards Golden State Warriors assistant head coach Luke Walton. Regardless, that’s not something that Thibodeau is concerned with right now, as the former Chicago Bulls head coach is just interested in being around basketball right now.

Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl is one of the most embattled guys in the NBA. He was supposed to have been fired a couple of times now. However, Karl has somehow found a way to still stay standing. Even if he only has a little bit of time left on the job, Karl still cares. That’s the reason why George went to Vlade Divac to request that the Kings pay for Tom Thibodeau to come in and become a consultant for a couple of days.

Sacramento Kings coach George Karl
George Karl [Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

Once his short term consulting contract with the Sacramento Kings is over, Tom Thibodeau isn’t going to be hanging out on a beach or anything. He loves coaching, so he’s already signed up for another gig. Rather than trying to teach DeMarcus Cousins how to play defense, Thibodeau is taking on a much bigger challenge. He’s going to teach the Golden State Warriors how to become even more dominant than they already are.

Tom Thibodeau came up through the NBA ranks because of his defensive mind. He was quite the asset for Jeff Van Gundy and Doc Rivers. As a student of the game, Steve Kerr is fully aware of what Thibodeau brings to the table. Instead of believing the hype, the Golden State Warriors want to make sure that they cover all the bases because they really want another NBA championship really badly.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr [Photo by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images]

Right now, the Golden State Warriors are the talk of the town. Casual fans know them as the team that can outscore anyone. However, the more observant followers know that the team is heavily underrated defensively. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are better defenders than many expect them to be. Draymond Green uses his versatility to become a perennial candidate for the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award.

If the Golden State Warriors can somehow become as dominant defensively as they are offensively, then the NBA is going to be even more scared than they already are. Right now, coaches and players are losing sleep at night because they have no idea how to stop Stephen Curry. Imagine how much tougher life is going to be if they have to worry about being able to score on the Warriors.

[Featured Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]