Tina Fey Finally Says What Everyone Else Is Thinking

Leave it to Tina Fey to finally say out loud what has been on everyone’s minds lately, and that is that there has been entirely too much political grandstanding at this year’s awards ceremonies and film festivals. There was a time and it wasn’t all that long ago that events such as the Academy Awards and the Emmy Awards were dedicated to honoring achievements in film, television, and theater, but a handful of celebrities have taken these events and turned them into political platforms. This is just what Ms. Fey is now speaking out against, or, in a twist of irony, is Tina only adding her voice to an already deafening cacophony?

Tina Fey Has Heard Quite Enough Oscar Speeches To Last A Lifetime

Tina is telling it like it is and she’s not holding back, so, if you thought Jennifer Lawrence was bold with her endless speeches about being paid unfair wages (we should all be so unfortunate), just hold on to your hats. Ms. Fey isn’t just criticizing the speech makers for their endless parade of causes, but Tina also calls them out, those wealthy actors and directors, for their blatant hypocrisy.

“Being at the Oscars… halfway through I was like this is some real Hollywood bulls**t,” Tina Fey said to Howard Stern. “Everyone’s telling me like what to do and it was like, people are yelling at me about rape and corporate greed, but really it’s climate change, and I was like ‘Guys, pick a lane. Hey everyone, we’re going to fix everything tonight. And also, you’re all rich. Why are you yelling at me about corporate greed? You’re all so rich.’ “

Tina pointed out that the Oscars had turned into a political roundtable with issues like racial representation in film, global warming, bank reform, sexual abuse, pay equality, and on and on.

Why hasn’t Billy Joel written a sequel to “We Didn’t Start The Fire” yet?

Tina Fey Did Like One Speech

The night was capped off when Leonardo DiCaprio, having finally won his very first Oscar, turned his acceptance speech into a lecture about climate change. While DiCaprio was another voice insisting on a call to action for one cause or another, Ms. Fey complimented Leo for being so articulate and for speaking so intelligently.

Some might criticze Tina for speaking out of turn, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Ms. Fey has a past hosting the Golden Globes and the Emmys.

“I had a nip slip at the Emmys a few years ago, really minor,” Fey revealed about her experience in hosting the Emmy Awards.

The wardrobe malfunction went unnoticed by most, but Tina’s mother caught it and told her about it. She was naturally embarrassed, particularly since she is so set against doing nude scenes on film. Ms. Fey told Stern that she recently declined to take a role in a stage play because it required a nude scene.

Tina is right in that the Oscars and every other awards show has become inundated with cries for attention, but she really nails the problem when she points out that those making the speeches are just wealthy enough to solve many of these problems single-handedly. This is especially troubling, when stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio can more than make up for any loss of wealth with a single new film. There’s nothing wrong with being successful, but it becomes obscene when one is crying about feeding the hungry while holding a foot-long hoagie in their hand.

Tina Fey can be seen in the upcoming comedy Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, scheduled for release on May 4 in theaters.

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