Miley Cyrus’ Dilemma: Liam Hemsworth Or Smoking Pot?

Miley Cyrus, who has recently rekindled her romance with her ex Liam Hemsworth, has really been working to tone down her wild child image, apparently to make the relationship work the second time around.

Miley’s changing to get together with Liam, and Liam is starting to accept Miley — and they’re engaged; she even recently flashed her gorgeous engagement ring. They’re in paradise! Right?


Except, there’s one leetle problem. Liam Hemsworth, 26, thinks Miley smokes too much, and it’s apparently driving him crazy.

“They recently had a huge fight. Liam told Miley he wants her to quit pot,” said a source close to the couple, according to Hollywood Life.

Come on, Liam, you’re really demanding too much from Miley, who is well known for her love of smoking weed.

At the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) she hosted last year, the pop star openly declared that she loved to smoke, and even offered a joint to the audience.

According to Metro, she said,

” […] my song is kinda sorta about the love of marijuana, the love of humankind, I brought a little joint if anyone would like any. Anyone?”

So for Miley Cyrus, this ultimatum of Liam Hemsworth vs. Weed is a big deal. She really likes to smoke her pot — I mean, she brought out a joint to share on national television!

According to Hollywood Life‘s source, Liam “can’t believe how often she gets high.” Apparently, “Every day Liam comes home and the entire house reeks of weed […]He’s so annoyed.”

So, Miley Cyrus really does love her weed if she’s blazing everyday.

Between her joint-sharing at the VMAs and this routine smoking that’s really annoying her fiancé, it’s pretty safe to say Miley doesn’t just love weed — She loves it.

But it would be unfair not to recount Cyrus’ love for Liam Hemsworth. As vocal as she has been about her love for marijuana, her love for Liam is also well known.

After nearly two years apart, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth somehow found their ways back to each other.

The couple, who originally got engaged in 2013, called it off the following year, only to get back together in early 2016. They even live together, and Miley’s brought her dogs; they’re a happy little family.

Miley has always been very vocal about her love for Liam. According to People magazine, she was “beyond happy” to be re-engaged with Liam.

Yesterday, Miley even posted an Instagram shot of a cute gift (an owl purse?) from Liam, whom she mentions in the caption as the person she loves “da most.”

Got this jewl fwum whom I love da most #whatahoot

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

This casual profession of love, and many others — like the time Miley helped Liam adopt his now-beloved puppy, or the million other times that the couple were just so cute and adorable — just goes to show how much Miley Cyrus loves her fiancé.

She says she loves Liam Hemsworth “da most,” but she also spoke of her “love of marijuana” last year.

According to Hollywood Life‘s source, Miley’s and Liam’s relationship has been “strained” since their fight about weed. Is this Liam’s ultimatum for Miley?

She has one choice: Weed or Liam Hemsworth. What a dilemma. Will this reunion be short-lived? Will Miley’s love for marijuana finally come out over her love for Liam?

What’ll it be Miley? Your bong, or your fiancé?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]